Hi Everyone,

I am new and have posted a little in the last few days. I have enjoyed the discussions and it has lead me to post my own conversation.

I was at one time a believer (bahai), but have since come to terms with my delusions. I was told that not everything in religion wold make sense all the time and let it sink in and you will find a reason. It never came for me. contridiction after propaganda to flowery speeches on mountain high all these lovely miracles but yet if your gay you are just sick and need to be helped. Or if your a woman you can't be on the great council in Haifa. It didn't make sense because it is a lie. The rest caved in on me fairly quickly. I went through the steps of recovery.

1. god is there but the religions got it wrong

2. god is the universe but I have a soul

3. Finally there is no god and the nature of our being, without a soul or an after life, seems more perfect, beautiful, and worth more than ever.

So my question is: Do you BELIEVE that something great could happen so that everyone STOPPED believing in nonsense and became atheists? Seems like a simple no of course not but we also no that in the guise of religion atrocities are committed that we all turn a blind eye too. If there is not great experience to which all of humanity will wake up and realize what dumb asses we have been, is doing nothing still ok? And what could/should be done?  I want actionable items if any. I can start with what I think.

Lets make the religions think they saved the world again. By showing them that all these things their religion hundreds of years was deemed ok, like stoning and such, are now illegal let alone not practiced. Do you think this kind of change is possible or even an option ?

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Is it possible get rid of the most toxic of their beliefs by using that argument if it focuses on one of them at a time? Or is that already happening can we accelerate the process? Like take over population, can we argue that contraception, not abortion but condoms, should be religiously worn? That might help some over population and protect some from disease.

You ask if we believe that something great could happen so that everyone STOPPED believing in nonsense and became atheists. Of course we know that nothing supernatural will happen to one day from another, but something great already happened, it is called: the internet. If you looked through all the history, we had never had something like the intenet, the flow of information is incredible and it is hard to think that the churches can reverse the 'damage' done.
I think that if you are asking if there is something that will accelerate the evolution to atheism, the internet is the answer and from now on the growth is only exponentially.
I agree, the Internet is helping to slow the growth of religion. I have noticed that religious leaders are warning their followers not to "go there", meaning search the Internet for information that may lead them away from the faith. They expound on how the church has "the truth" and that anything the believers find on the Internet that doesn't agree with the church's truth will lead them astray. They warn that the deceiver "Satan" uses the Internet to lead people away from salvation and in to hell.

I to think the growth in non-belief will be exponential. We just need to keep stirring the pot, so to speak.

I agree completely, its interesting to watch the Arab spring, which started because the internet and now, they will not stand for religious rule either. My thoughts are more about wolf in sheep's clothing. Is it a good idea to extol the virtues of their beloved god to weasel concession of change that might make humanities survival possible?

I believe it's possible to live like a true humanist and show the world that this is the better path.  It's a path that leads to a better life for all.  It's pretty easy to show evidence of this.

I agree. I find that believers tend to deamonize the godless atheist. We need to prove them wrong.


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