CONTEST!!: Win a copy of Mr. Sean Faircloth's Attack of the Theocrats!!!


EDIT2: The contest is now concluded. Thanks to everyone who entered! Remember to catch the interview to find out the names of the winners and make sure you contact Nelson within 48 hours to claim your prize! Otherwise, you can hear the interview any time after it airs live, just as you can any of our great interviews!


EDIT!: The giveaway is now LIVE! The contest entering tweet is: "I'm a member of @ThinkAtheist and I want a copy of Sean Faircloth's Attack of the Theocrats! #churchstate #atheism"




Alright, we're at the point now where we can release the details of our newest giveaway! THREE Think Atheist members will win a signed copy of Sean Faircloth's new book Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms us All– And What We Can Do About It, including a foreword by Richard Dawkins! (See here


Mr. Faircloth, having served 5 terms in the Maine Legislature, is the former Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America and now the Director of Strategy and Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, touring with Richard Dawkins throughout the US as the opening speaker for Professor Dawkins. He has long lobbied for and promoted issues that are important to freethinkers. We're thrilled to be able to bring to you a chat with him!


You'll all get to hear our interview with Mr. Faircloth starting this Sunday night, November 20th, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to win a copy of the book first! 


Some big names have blurbed Attack of the Theocrats!:

Shocking! Will keep you on the edge of your seat! Sean Faircloth is doing such important work. There’s not a doubt in my mind that if he was (suddenly, inexplicably) zapped back in time to meet Thomas Jefferson, that the Founding Father would clap him on the shoulder and say ‘Thanks.’” 
--Adam Savage, MythBusters co-host and executive producer.

“Faircloth paints a sobering picture, but fortunately, as anyone who has heard his speeches knows, he also has an inspiring and invigorating vision to offer. . . . Readers will finish the book exercised, energized, and eager to join Faircloth in a bold rediscovery of the secular dream of the European Enlightenment and America’s enlightened Fathers.”
-- Richard Dawkins, from the foreword to Attack of the Theocrats!


"I've devoted the last twenty years of my professional life to pointing out unscientific assertions that harm or swindle innocent people. It becomes particularly insidious when unsound reasoning is used to justify and apply unjust laws. This book describes this very real problem in American today, then offers a bold plan to do something about it."

--James Randi, Founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation

"What does the erosion of America's noble separation of church and state the basis of the first secular government in the world have to do with your everyday life? In this lively and historically grounded survey of the way we live now, the author explains why the thirty-year-old assault on church-state separation affects all of us from children who are not getting a world-class education in science because of fundamentalist interference with the teaching of biology to soldiers subjected to evangelical proselytizing on military bases. Nothing could be more timely than this reminder that the founders left God out of the Constitution to provide citizens of every faith and no faith the freedom to act on their consciences. We ignore this historic liberty, the gift of America's founding generation, at our peril."

--Susan Jacoby, Author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism and The Age of American Unreason

"Faircloth makes a compelling case for people everywhere to steadily reestablish Thomas Jefferson's fundamental idea and keep religions out of politics. Read this, and you'll become a Constitution thumper."

--Bill Nye the Science Guy


See Mr. Faircloth discussing the book here:



And here's Mr. Faircloth talking about church/state separation and his book while introducing Professor Dawkins:





Here are the contest rules:

1) The contest is open to members of Think Atheist with a Twitter account. Create one now so that you're prepared ahead of time for the contest. (Each contest we have one or two people saying "I don't want to create a Twitter account just for the contest!" and then invariably we end up with one of the winners being someone who created their account just for the contests. So... yeah.)


2) The contest will be held 9AM Friday November 18th to 12PM Sunday November 20th. (All times are Eastern US. Here's a timezone converter for those in other timezones around the world.) The contest will go live with an announcement from the Producer of the Think Atheist Radio Show's Twitter.


3) You will be considered to have entered the contest when, as a Think Atheist member, you take to Twitter between the hours of 9AM Friday November 18th to 12PM Sunday November 20th to follow Think Atheist on Twitter and send the specified contest entering tweet. This page will be updated at the launch of the contest with the contest entering tweet. Create your Twitter account, join Think Atheist if you're not already a member.


4) One entry per person. Multiple entries will not count and may result in your being excluded from the contest entirely! Follow the Producer of the Think Atheist Radio Show's Twitter to watch for confirmation that your entry has been received. 


5) At the conclusion of the contest we will randomly draw 3 numbers corresponding to 3 entries. Provisional* winners will be announced on the Think Atheist Radio Show on November 20th beginning at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern*. Make sure you tune in to the show to see if you've won! (Remember, if you can't listen live you can listen to the show from the archive at any time immediately following its having aired live!) *Should any of the chosen entrants not be verified as Think Atheist members and as followers of Think Atheist on Twitter we will then randomly select another entrant. This will continue until such time as we have 3 verified Think Atheist members/Think Atheist Twitter followers as winners.


6) Winners MUST contact The Show's producer Nelson by emailing with their address within 48 hours of the announcement of the winners to be eligible to receive their prize.** Upon receiving the shipping addresses of the verified and eligible winners we will forward them to the publisher. All costs of shipping the book will be handled at no cost to the winners, whether a winner is within or without the US. **IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT NELSON AT NELSON@ITHINKATHEIST.COM WITHIN 48 HOURS TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE YOU WILL FORFEIT THE PRIZE AND ANOTHER WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN. THIS WILL GO ON UNTIL WE HAVE 3 CONFIRMED WINNERS THAT HAVE CLAIMED THEIR PRIZE 


So there you go everyone! Thanks to the book's publisher, Pitchstone, and Mr. Faircloth for being so gracious! Create your Twitter profile. Join Think Atheist! Get ready! Make sure you check out our past shows, and keep an eye out for upcoming guests as well! And, hey, if you enjoy the show and you can spare a few bucks, help us make sure we stay on the air! Alternatively, shop the Think Atheist Radio Show book store where you'll get the same deals as Amazon direct but Amazon gives us a bit of the profit on each sale made via that link to support the show! We'd love to continue doing book giveaways, getting great guests and putting them in front of you each week so that you can hear their thoughts but in order to do so we have to pay the bills! We appreciate all the help you guys can provide!

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What an enlightened and magnificent speaker Sean Faircloth is !   His speech gave me goose bumps........

His new book "Attack of the Theocrats" will be a must have on my new kindle which I'm hoping to get for, you know, that special materialistic day on Dec. 25th when we share our love with friends and family, and commit acts of goodwill for those that are less fortunate. Also, a time for children to revel in their innocence and wonder about the world and for adults to find their inner child."  That's what it's all about! 

I soooo want this book! ^_^ 

I am particularly interested in this book, since I grew up in an environment with a strong lean on theocratic and theonomic values. Around people such as Joe Morecraft, John Rushdoony, Gary DeMar, and Douglas Wilson (although he was later denounced as a heretic by RPCUS, Joe Morecraft's denomitation hahahaha). They are probably on the extreme fringe of this, but I think this is the sort of dogmatic level he is addressing over, like he says, 'your standard Michele Bachmann'.

 I LOVED Mr. Faircloth's speech to raise awareness about the US policy and talk about ATHEISTS taking action on that.

Looking forward in seeing success for all atheist in America!


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