I was searching for some things when I found this: www.conservapedia.com/Atheism.

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Bwahahaha, yeah, I didn't get very far into that. Not that I expected it to be "fair and balanced." Conservapedia's stated intent is to foster a one-sided view (the conservative side). They have never pretended to be unbiased or factual.
If you disagree with it, you're a bunch of devil-worshiping, anti-american commie faggots!
Dear oh dear. I think they will find that Hitler was a catholic. Do not give to charity how ridiculolus. I wonder who thought this up. Have I read it right that this is against atheists.
Some one I suppose that has a one track mind, believing all he reads without proper backed up evidence..
Please explain this what you are saying Janis.

Jānis Ķimsis said:
If you disagree with it, you're a bunch of devil-worshiping, anti-american commie faggots!
He's being ironic, elaine.
I guessed that Doug, I was just trying to be clever. . Seems that the only way an argument can be discussed by some is by using nasty words, without any explanation. Anyway I am not American so maybe he doesnt mean me. haha
I just sometimes like to let the other side speak through me. At least that's what I think the average Conservapedia regular would have to say on this issue.

Though I never did understand when it's appropriate to use "anti-american" and when "un-american". Those seem interchangable in loonyspeak.
Wow...they're talking about atheists the way a guide gives a tour at the zoo..."In the wild, atheists have been know to such blasphemous things as support gay rights, demand more emphseis on science, and believing we all came from monkeys..."
and believing we all came from monkeys..

Well, I'm with 'em on that! We absolutely did NOT evolve from monkeys! It never happened and any scientist who says we evolved from monkeys is a damn liar!

...... We evolved from a common ancestor of both humans and monkeys :)
From the same people:

Today's show was brought to you by the letter "Moron"!
Did anybody see The Colbert report when he had one of the Conservapedia guys on his show?

So it kinda sounds like a new outlet for the ID/jesus is lard crowd to make sure those liberal history, biology, rationalist's don't infect the formless mass they call their children with the notion to investigate the world.


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