After reading further on about death I have come to evidence that makes me believe that having an afterlife is a FAR STREEETCH from reality, it doesn’t seem possible. It’s freaky, it’s depressing, but it’s real.


Atheism doesn't comfort you when you’re alone. It opens your life to the bittersweet birth that you were given, to make your life worth living. To enjoy the small things because your time here is PRECIOUS.


There are those people who die and claim to have gone to heaven, seen the light, seen angels, who have spoken to or who have talked to God.


Did you know that after your heart stops beating, your brain activity is active for 6 minutes before it fully shuts down? I think that what those people saw was merely a dream. Time slows down when you’re dreaming, therefore an accurate perception of how much time you spent in heaven wouldn’t be accurate of real time.


So what makes you so sure that your consciousness stays with you when you die? Your brain activity stops, and that is a fact. It is this very fact and reasoning to which I think that THIS IS IT, this one life is all you have.



I sometimes ponder the thought of dying when I'm alone, and this usually occurs when I'm lying in bed getting slowly falling asleep. Only to wake up with a mini panic attack realizing that I'm not dead after all. I Try to get rid of these taunting thoughts of never waking up. It just seems like life can be the most brutal, and unforgiving of all concepts. 


But I wonder how many Theists actually believe in such stories.... I finished watching this documentary;


(A man broke his leg and fell down a crevice etc. I don't know if it's possible to survive such heights, but that's irrelevant". Because in the short clip he mentions that he was raised to be religious, and that when he truly felt helpless, never once thought that saying a bunch of hail marrys could save him from death. 


I'm sure many religious people fear death (So do I), however how many of them would just sit there and rely on God for protection? I'm betting if they got out of it alive (And prayed), they would end up giving God credit for their own will and physical exertion to stay alive. 


Prayer= A placebo effect (You think it works, but it does jack shit).


I guess my question to all of you freethinkers is this; what makes you unafraid of death? What makes you welcome it with open and untroublesome arms?  To me this is the hardest part of being an Atheist (Or even human for that matter), without a way to pollute our mines with fairy tales, how can we ACCEPT our fate?




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If I think about a fear of death, I have to then think about what it is that I am afraid of losing as a result of death. If I think about what I am losing, it all comes down to my emotional attachment to things, which is all mind. I am not anything that I think I am, all of that is only memorized experiences, which are again, all in the mind. This physical body that is animated with life energy will die, but all that I have identified with was never even born except in mind.
I do not think the unknown is something to fear, it is instead, the known that I fear not knowing anymore..but that is an attachment of mind.
I realized some time back, that everything is actually nothing until I label it, yet every label I can come up with is actually just a recycled, conditioned response, totally unoriginal, totally conditioned, and not truth. My emotional attachment to the labels, my identification with the relationships, have tricked my mind into believing any of this is real, or truth.
Truth, seems to be transient. It is when I think it is conclusive, like my conditioned idea of life & death, that my body and mind feel subsequent fear.
It helps me, to objectively acknowledge that I am thinking thoughts about death which can lead to my body feeling fear, and from there I realize that I am not the thoughts, or the thinker, but instead, the neutral, unconditioned and unconditional awareness of both.
This reply was kind of a mind fuck, but written well articulated at the same time.

I was actually more afraid of death when I believed in a God then I am now as an atheist. I was scared because of the concept of hell. A place of brutal agony and torture for all of eternity. It is ultimately the question of how a loving god could do such a thing to people that lead me to atheism.


I no longer fear death because I figure we just go back to the same place we were at before we were born. Try to think of where you were when the big bang happened or when dinosaurs roamed the earth. That's where you'll go back to, and I'm sure you weren't complaining about it then, so why would it be so bad to go back to that when you die?


I also think we experience the sensation of death every time we have a dreamless sleep. It's simply not being conscious. I figured since I go through the sensation of death every night, then when it actually happens it won't be that bad, I've experienced it a million times.


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