Hi there, I'm Angelo, a junior highschool student and I'm just here to know what your opinions are in this matter. Basically, I'm a Christian, and I have read the Bible ( not the whole though ), but after years pass by, I began doubting my religion, not God, but his people. And yes, I believe in God, but why is it so difficult for me to accept that he exists?,I'm starting to think logically about the happenings of the story that's written on the bible, I don't believe in "miracles" that is said to had happened. Any thoughts for this?, anyone?

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Wow! I just joined a day ago and the well thought out replies, like this, are amazing.  I look forward to reading more.

Hi Angelo, Nice post. You are certainly getting to grips with some big questions and I hope you find the answers you need. These answers may not be the truth but if it works for you then so be it.

My advice is... deconstruct.

Deconstruct everything that has no bearing on what you know and what you observe.

  • The "miracles"
  • The creation
  • The "virgin" birth
  • Heaven and Hell

etc etc. 

If you think that couldn't happen today then have the mental confidence to realise that couldn't have happened then either.

Religion is about being in a gang. There is something very rewarding about belonging to something. Atheists have no congregations, have no social glue, have no belief that makes them stronger.

All they have is truth, and whilst truth is a noble ally, it is not particularly strong in the face of consensus.

Best of luck.                                         

Hi Angelo. Well done on thinking critically... we all think critically about all kinds of things and now you (as most of us here have done) have naturally applied it to religion. And why shouldn't it be applied to religion? It's entirely normal and healthy to do so.

Here are a couple of truths that I found useful when I started to think like you:

  1. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  2. That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
  3. The burden of proof lies with the person making the claim.   

Good luck on your journey. 

Suppose you started from a position of nonbelief instead of having the local religion shoved down your intellectual craw from a young age.

Would you then believe that the universe was created by a magical sorcerer people call God? I think you'd see what an incredibly ridiculous notion that is, and that simply not having a belief makes more sense.

To me, one of the most devastating facts, once you consider it, is that people tend to become very emotionally committed to the local religion. It's part of the culture, not a system of truth, like science. If you had been born in India, you'd probably be a Hindu; in Saudi Arabia or Iraq, a Muslim; in Cambodia, a Buddhist; and so on. Once you realize how people come to have a religion, you see that probably none of them are based on truth.

BTW, I always recommend Bertrand Russell's Why I Am Not A Christian, probably because it was the most influential book in terms of my own intellectual journey.

Ha ha ha - that is SOOOO LOVING of you, Jesus, :D

Just keep thinking.

Welcome to the forums. It's good to see people who apply logic and reason to things. I believe the most important questions you can ask yourself are what you believe in and why. The journey down the path of rational thinking can sometimes be difficult but is always rewarding.

If a Christian man dies and he is not married, is he allowed to "spank the monkey" in Heaven? (Eternity is a long, long time).

   Keep thinking "logically," Angelo, you're almost there.

Hi Angelo,

I know the thoughts and doubts you're having are unsettling - even terrifying sometimes. It runs counter to everything you've ever been taught by your family, church, etc. But you're at a time where you've got a wonderful, amazing mind that thrives for information - and questions what it encounters.

And this is a good thing, no matter what the religious around you may say.

Being able to think rationally and look at the world critically is an amazing gift we have as humans. Trust it. If something begins to bother you, or you begin to have doubts or questions, then do what you're doing here - ask questions! Go look for answers yourself. Read a lot, talk to people from all different perspectives, etc. Take it all in, and decide - rationally and calmly - what makes the most sense to you.

Many in this thread have given you extremely sage advice. Take it. I would also like to add something to your stuff to check out. I encourage you to find the video of Julia Sweeny's "Letting Go of God". It is an amazing story she tells about her journey from deeply religious to nonthiest freethinker. We all have similar stories, but the way she explains hers is very approachable and outstanding - and fun to watch as well (she's a comedian and actress).

Just continue to ask questions and seek answers. This is how we all truly learn, how we all better ourselves, and how we all advance as a species.

Come back whenever needed, and we'll continue to help, if you want.

Good luck.

Keep pushing forward and never stop asking questions.  Why?  How?  That is how you discover your truth.

A great response I love to use as well Kairan.


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