One thing that we need to do as Atheists is find a way to build a community.  How many people don't really believe in God but still go to church just so they have a place they belong, a sense of community that makes them feel like they belong.

My wife died 2 months ago after a long battle with cancer.  Going through the dying process, especially over many years, is already tough for atheists because everyone is praying for us, and all their prayers are with us.  To prevent fights we have to grit our teeth and let them have their comfort by having their religion.  Just another injustice to deal with while watching your wife die.

It is even harder after when you are talking to people who have their church to help them and support them and be there for them.  If Atheists could come up with that kind of sense of community and a place to belong then the atheist movement in the US could make great strides.

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H Mike, I'm sorry to hear about your wife.  I lost m partner to breast cancer and I know how hard it can be to watch your love die slowly.  I don't know that a community would have really helped me, however. My friends helped me, and time passed and now I have been married to my wife for two years.  We heal.  We don't ever forget, but we do heal.

It is good to have a community of friends, but this need not be based on religion, or the lack of it.  Setting up communities can be secular but include people of religious backgrounds too.  What is needed is a focal point for such a community; I think that making it an atheist community is just as excluding as having a religious one.  We would be better making our local area community into an all inclusive one.  That would be a goal worth pursuing.

That idea of all inclusive sounds goods. Would those who are of a religious nature be able to avoid the dumb comments they are so good at providing?

Sure - as would the vegetarians, the fans of music that isn't like yours, and all the other strange and wonderful mixes of humanity.

Welcome to Think Atheist, a Community of Atheists.

With the recent loss of both parents the last thing I wanted was the hollow solace of the deluded,  especially from the less experienced. I was always a "people person", but being older, now I prefer interpersonal quality over quantity. Most people, to quote Jack, "can't handle the truth". Truth seekers are few and far between around here , so it has to be a virtual community.

Ramble away

I agree.

In order for secularism to develop into a culture it would appear that it needs to offer the same social benefits as church attendance. I think it would be wonderful if it involved organizing around childrens education. Maybe some kind of social gathering where adults and parents and non parents read to children. Whatever it is I think it should involve children, seeing as thats where religion does the most damage.


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