Damn. For this kind of free publicity I'd serve bowls full of communion wafers. I'd set them out on every table like potato chips.


Kuma's Corner, a heavy-metal-themed burger joint in Chicago, has unleashed a firestorm of controversy after garnishing a cheeseburger with an unconsecrated communion wafer and red wine.

"We didn't expect this reaction. Apparently, today, someone's coming out to do a rosary prayer over our restaurant," said Luke Tobias, director of operations. "We've done plenty of burgers named after fairly controversial bands in the past to seemingly no visible effect. It's based on a band [The Ghost], just like every other burger on our menu."

The Reverend Emily Mellott, rector of Calvary Episcopal Church in Lombard, Ill., says the burger goes too far.

"The root of this burger is a mockery of one of the most important symbols of the Christian faith," Mellott said. "If the owner of the restaurant were a member of my congregation, I'd tell him to withdraw the burger immediately."

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Have you any idea how many innocent vegetables are ruthlessly murdered every year, to satisfy the appetites of Vegetarians? A lot!

There is no such thing as an innocent vegetable. Murderers, rapists and thieves the lot of them. Yes, even the baby carrots.

Of course the baby carrots, too. All carrots are well shaped for penetration.

Thanks a lot, Ward - now, next time I'm served baby carrots, I'm going to think, orange suppositories!


Now, don't think about pickles, or worse, cucumbers. Carrots aren't the only ones shaped well for certain activities.

I've got the perfect menu addition: The Prophet burger. 100% USDA choice ground beef, American cheese, and two strips of bacon, served on Jewish Rye toasted with the image of Muhammad.

Hey, if the Yankees can manage it, why not the Prophet?

And that's exactly what I've thinking about another thread. Here with Catholics, we can find this amusing. If somebody did this with Mohammad, we'd need to be worried about the restaurant being burned down. If somebody did this with Mohammad in an Islamic country, even a nominally Islamic one, they'd have to worry about being killed.

Are you certain? I'd wager there are more death threats and acts of violence committed by overzealous Catholics in your country than Muslims, just by the fact that there are far more of the latter than the former. I remember when that Webster Cook kid took a Communion Wafer from a church he ended up receiving harassment and death threats from Catholics, but that's just not something we go on terror alert for.

No I'm not certain, you could be right. Certainly if we're only looking at THIS country you could be right. But compare a Catholic mocking sandwich in Chicago and a Muhammad mocking sandwich in Turkey and see how you end up.

Also, if you decided to go out and burn Bibles tomorrow, I bet you'll hear all kind of anger, even threats. But what do you suppose will happen if you go out and try to burn Korans?

But what do you suppose will happen if you go out and try to burn Korans?

Not much, to be honest. Anger and threats, sure, but physical violence? Probably not that likely.

I can't really compare sandwich controversy around the world. I don't have difficulty believing that Islam could very well be a disproportionately strict and violent religion, yet I am acutely aware that the impression I have of the religions in question is biased. 

Also, if you decided to go out and burn Bibles tomorrow, I bet you'll hear all kind of anger, even threats. But what do you suppose will happen if you go out and try to burn Korans?

Terry Jones, a Christian preacher in Florida, has put Qurans on trial for "crimes against humanity" and then burned them publicly. The reaction: riots and deaths in Afghanistan, the sacking of US diplomatic missions in Egypt and Lybia (including the murder of the US ambassador), mass protests where he is burned in effigy, a $2.2 million bounty on his head, a rank of #2 on Al Qaeda's hit list, and hundreds of death threats.

Jones is a vile right-wing pig, but as far as I'm concerned he can burn a Quran or even 2,998 Qurans if he wants to (provided he gets a permit).

So what, he couldn't find two more to make it an even three thousand?


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