Damn. For this kind of free publicity I'd serve bowls full of communion wafers. I'd set them out on every table like potato chips.


Kuma's Corner, a heavy-metal-themed burger joint in Chicago, has unleashed a firestorm of controversy after garnishing a cheeseburger with an unconsecrated communion wafer and red wine.

"We didn't expect this reaction. Apparently, today, someone's coming out to do a rosary prayer over our restaurant," said Luke Tobias, director of operations. "We've done plenty of burgers named after fairly controversial bands in the past to seemingly no visible effect. It's based on a band [The Ghost], just like every other burger on our menu."

The Reverend Emily Mellott, rector of Calvary Episcopal Church in Lombard, Ill., says the burger goes too far.

"The root of this burger is a mockery of one of the most important symbols of the Christian faith," Mellott said. "If the owner of the restaurant were a member of my congregation, I'd tell him to withdraw the burger immediately."

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Exactly my point, Arch. That was going to be my response to Kris above. I imagine there'd be mass protests and anger if you burned Bibles, but does anybody think that THIS would happen?

I imagine there'd be mass protests and anger if you burned Bibles, but does anybody think that THIS would happen?

Yes, I think it would.

It happens less, but I don't think it's because Christianity more than Islam inherently makes people choose to restrain self-righteous outrage instead of releasing it in orgies of smashed faces and burning buildings.

It's not like American Christians who bomb mosques and attack Muslims in the US waited for them to burn Bibles as an excuse, or that right-wing Christian crackpots don't spout the same crazy, demonizing rhetoric.

I just think it means militant Islamists in lawless places like Lybia and Afghanistan have more opportunity and impunity, so they're that much more crazy and violent. 

I think that was going to happen with or without Terry Jones sooner or later. Well, I'm not so sure about Libya as I don't understand relations there, but tell me there weren't people in Northern Afghanistan and Egypt looking for any pretext to lash out at America as it was?

Again, I'm not trying to make it out like Islam is on par with other faiths, but it's this paranoia that you'll blown to bits if you so much as misspell the Mohammed's name which I don't buy into. Shouldn't Matt Stone and Trey Parker be dead a few times over now?


**Looks nervously over his shoulder.

Shouldn't Matt Stone and Trey Parker be dead a few times over now?

Yes. You're not the first to suggest it and it's not for lack of trying, but remember: South Park is censored when it lampoons Muhammad.

The last time they submitted such an episode, Comedy Central bleeped out the references and replaced the image of Muhammad with a guy in a bear suit.

Stone and Parker are willing to take the risk, but are censored and thus forbidden to satirize Islam as squarely as anything else. That skews South Park as a test of Islamic tolerance.

No doubt the network executives who set this policy think of themselves as socially responsible human beings. Bend knee when Muslims issue commands under threat of violence and death to non-Muslims in free non-Muslim countries over the content of animated cartoons? I think of them as reprehensible chicken shits.

So what, he couldn't find two more to make it an even three thousand?

He intended one for every victim in the 911 attacks, but miscounted.

I half expected to see a tiny patty perfectly sized to fit between two communion wafers. Although if you were going to make the tiny one, wouldn't a lamb patty be more appropriate?

That would be carrying this fad of "sliders" to its logical extreme.

Church supply businesses are digging it, LOL

A thousand of them in that dinky little box.

Boy they sure are cheap with the free refreshments.


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