Hi guys I've never posted on this site but I'm an 18 year old and serious activist of freethinking at my high school. I tend to criticize religion (and other ideas whether it be political or miscellaneous) but I've been doing so under my parent's noses for about a year now. You must know they're polish immigrants so they're practically by default super catholic. They're also very conservative and I'm actually quite scared of telling my parents especially my mom, as I don't want to hurt them. I understand I'll probably be ostracized  to some high degree because I'm atheist and extremely liberal. I've thought about so many scenarios and wanted to ask you, the think atheist community, what would you recommend- the softest way to tell them, particularly my mom? I leave for college latter August. Thank you and I plan on posting more!

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Excellent work making it to college. I dropped out of school 3 times, finally leaving after 10th grade because the schools in new mexico are that bad.

Major in something you're passionate about and make connections to secure a good job. Then once you can safely afford your own place or got people willing to let you move in, you can come out as an atheist without fear of domestic violence or being kicked out.

You're living in the age of the internet. There are lots of people like you online who you can reach out to for support. Hang in there and dominate college.


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