You know the story. But I want some straight answers.

1. What makes me the bad guy?

2. What makes you the good guy?

3. Who has the truth, not BS?

4. Who decides?

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I have two stock answers to my religious friends.  Neither are original, but I can't remember the sources.

1.  We are all atheist.  I just believe in one less god than you.

2. I'm a bit old to still be believing in that stuff, don't you think?

What kind of responses do you get to those answers John?
Thanks, I don't know for sure why I attached it, kind of seemed appropriate. It is a kaleidoscope picture that I took of a bottle of quartz crystals I have. I take kaleidoscope pictures and post them on Facebook. Thanks again Nate.
Thank you for your very wonderful reply Nate. I'm still struggling with my decision to tell my family. My sisters bore their testimonies on my Facebook page after I told them. My mother wants me to go to her church ward to hear the testimonies of new converts. She also thought if I read parts of the Book of Mormon that would change my mind. I had read all of it before, trying to understand and believe it, but I couldn't suspend my disbelief. They seem to think that somehow I will come back around. I'm sure that won't happen! It helps to have the support of another ex-Mormon.

It does feel good to be outside the bubble and to see religion for what it is. The Mormon religion seems to be especially insidious with their very family centered teachings.

I just wished that they could see the real truth.

I will just have to learn to live with the way things are.


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