You know the story. But I want some straight answers.

1. What makes me the bad guy?

2. What makes you the good guy?

3. Who has the truth, not BS?

4. Who decides?

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The worst part for me is the denial of it, it's been a year and they still think that 'I will find the way to God' and we keep changing churches. It is awful.
Yes. Have you been or are you being indoctrinated? You must have some good stories, changing churches so much. I didn't totally realize I was being brainwashed by the LDS Churh. It was just what we did as kids and young men, but I never really believed it, it just didn't stick. But I still needed to know - Why believe in a supernatural sky wizard and with all that entails.

1. Nothing

2. Ditto

3. Science comes closer to real "truth" than anything else.

4. You.

Very concise and thought provoking answer. But from a Christian fundamentalist perspective the answer to all four questions would the same two words, "the bible". Am I wrong?

No you are not wrong.  The Christian fundamentalist most often is a few bricks short of a load when it comes to matters of life and science.  There is very much a dualist approach to their life - in terms of contradiction - but then the same the can be said of any human being.  The difference is merely to what degree that contradiction exists.

Well if you did it the way I did (   ) I can tell you:

The first thing that will make you a bad guy is elitism.

What makes you a good guy is a laid-back attitude and humanism.

Experts in any given field have the closest thing to the truth at any given time.

The observer decides. To observe, and to become informed, or to not observe, and to be ignorant.

Response to answer 1: What if I don't believe in your god, does that make me an elitist? A flat out Atheist!!!

Response to answer 2: Am I still a good guy if I have those qualities but I think the Bible is not the inspired word of God?

Response to answer 3: So does that apply to supernatural truth?

Response to answer 4: I like that answer. Unfortunately, there are too many willfully ignorant people.
Again, some good answers. But I find that I'm being pigeon holed as "Bad" if I don't believe what my friends and family say they believe... I.E. Their Christian beliefs. I'm not personally bad but, as an atheist I'm judged and told by them that because of my non-belief I'm going to hell. Why are they the ones to say?

Pretty much. You can't really change it unless you intend to deconvert them as you come out...a feat that would be heroic, amazing, and possibly cause the invisible pink unicorn to reveal itself.   

To be serious, they really don't have a say in determining if you're good or bad. Their judgement of you is actually a more accurate reflection of who they are.  

Don't forget that.

Thank you!  I don't think I could deconvert any of my family, they are way to deep into the Mormon religion.  My one sister seemed to be interested but I think she is to affraid of what the rest of the family would think.

I was thinking about that today, hell and all.  Their belief is that I'm going to go to hell, but my belief is that there is no hell.

You know the story. But I want some straight answers.

1. What makes me the bad guy?  Depends on who you ask, a few of my family members pretty much just have backed away from me like I'm the devil or something.  My sister has went off the deep end and argued with me, but finally backed off.

2. What makes you the good guy?  To those that think for themselves, having free thought in common is great!  Ah, there are some smart ones in my family besides me; how refreshing!

3. Who has the truth, not BS?  Well, obviously me!  lol.

4. Who decides?  Time, and wasted or lived lives.  :)
Very good answers Todd. I've had the same experiences with my family. I wonder what they are really thinking of me. They seem to think that I have lost my way, but will find Jesus Christ again and be saved. It is just so frustrating for me.

Free thought is a wonderful thing. But what causes a person to believe that if I don't believe what they believe I'm condemned to a place that they have no evidence for.

But do you really have the truth? Do Chistians have the truth, they are quite convienced they do?

I hope Science and reason will win the day.


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