This new feature will allow you to receive emails from Think Atheist in a once-a-day digest, instead of all email notifications being sent individually as they are posted as they are today.


How Daily Email Digests work

If enabled, most emails that you receive — Forum discussion notifications, friend requests, Group activity, profile comments — will be put into the Email Digest so you can skim them at-a-glance. A few very important emails like Broadcast Messages and private messages, as well as minor emails  (like a notification that a video has been processed) will continue to be sent instantly. But the bulk of email notifications will be sent in a convenient digest format.

Daily Email Digests should both make it easier for active members to avoid a deluge of email notifications from Think Atheist.  


If there's no activity in a given day for you that day, you will not receive the digest for that day. If there is activity relevant to them on Think Atheist, they will. We think this will provide a welcome middle ground for those members who may not visit every day but who want to stay abreast of the ongoing activity.


It's an opt-in feature
This feature will be off by default. Once I enabled Daily Digests, members will see a new option on their individual Email Settings page where they can switch between instant and daily emails.


The Bad News is it is not ready yet

I will announce this new feature in a mass e-mail. So be on the look out for this new feature!


Keep in mind this will be a beta feature. So when it does come out please let us know about any bugs you may find located here:


Thanks for supporting Think Atheist!

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This is awesome news. My e-mail is out of control as it is.
UPDATE: We hope to role this feature out in a few days! We are moving the site onto some new servers :]
Great idea.... I had to turn off all notifications because it was getting ridiculous.
I turned that off too. I can't wait for the new version.
We honestly appreciate what you do.


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