Many in the realm of space exploration believe a manned mission to Mars is possible within the next twenty to thirty years. One issue is that currently it will not be feasible to carry the extra fuel to make a return trip back to Earth. Therefore volunteers for such a mission are faced with the stark reality of never coming home again. Would you consider participating in such a mission and be one of the very first humans to visit and colonize another planet? There would be serious challenges facing those who went: extremely tight living quarters, the psychological consequences of being in such close proximity with others 24/7 til you die, very infrequent bathing (maybe once a year), a lackluster diet of "space" food and what little that could be eventually grown, always having to wear a suit when outside the confines of the living quarters. It sounds like a tremendous sacrifice when you realize you would never again experience the company of family and friends. But on the other hand the ability to do what no other humans have ever experienced would be alluring.

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I wonder if there any terminal diseases with outcomes predictable enough for the afflicted to have priority for a seat, yet live long enough for a few years of training? That could also be a way to hedge bets against the decline in popularity of the show. (Morbid humor, eh? Still, practical.)

Can't stop this funny-morbid train of thought: Then audiences could contribute $ for cures of such disease(s), while the dramas are taking place.

When and if it gets terraformed.... I would say yes..At the moment there are only rocks... and more rocks, and more rocks... I think living on Mars for one year could become boring. I the chances of me dying from boredom is more likely than the chances of dying  from starvation. I think You have to be the right individual for the task, someone who does not get tired of seeing the same external stimuli Actually a holodeck would solve the boredom issue.

Holodecks? As in the one portrayed in Star Trek Next Generation episodes? Those would be super cool to have here on Earth! 

What about those glasses that can immerse you in a CGI environment?

I think it would be more practical for a holodeck for if your going to be on Mars for a really long time , maybe for life depending on things. You could kill the boredom factor as well do exercises as if your exploring the outdoors on earth or some virtual fantasy/ scifi setting.  More practical than slipping into the computer , where the body is not getting stimulous 

I've been wondering lately, is anyone seriously talking about terraforming Mars? And once it has an atmosphere that can hold in some heat, how survivable do they expect it might get for humans and earthly plants and animals? It's much further from the sun than our planet, so won't it just be covered with ice and snow (assuming there's enough subsurface water to make a significant amount of ice and snow). And if it will never be really habitable on the surface, what's the point of terraforming?

I believe terraforming under a dome might be possible but there remains the problem of getting a lot of construction equipment & material on site. SpaceX's largest rocket fleet will be very busy just to get the ball rolling.

I am 83; not be able to return would not bother me. But I prefer to spend the rest of my life on Earth.

Ludwik Kowalski, author of >

Mars One Selects 100 Finalists for one way Trip to Red Planet.


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