Well, I'm graduating high school in June, and getting ready for college. I'm going to CSULB. I'm thinking of taking a course that is religious in nature. But I'm not quite sure what they consist of. Has anyone had experience taking this class? 

What is life in college like as an atheist? Is there less or more acceptance than normally? I'd like to hear some college stories and people's suggestions or tips, or whatever you have to offer. 

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I had no trouble in a public university decades ago. Of course, I stayed clear of the whole "Greek" thing, thinking it was a whole lot of silliness and a distraction from my education. You might try steering clear yourself. It has nothing to do with education and everything to do with wasting your time.

This is a complete overgeneralization.  I double majored in Biological Sciences and Psychology, worked in a research lab, earned high marks, studied abroad, and participated in a sorority.  I didn't let the sorority rule my life or waste my time.  If they tried to tell me that something was mandatory and it interfered with my classes or labs or studying, I didn't just twirl my hair and say okay.  I spoke up for myself, and worked it out.  There are plenty of other ways to stay active and involved in the community, find people with similar interests, and take on leadership roles, so I'm in no way saying, "go greek, or go home," BUT I do wish people would stop letting the experience of some bias their advice to all.

I just graduated from college last August, and it honestly wasn't a big deal at all.

It all depends on the area the school is in. If it is a religious town/city/county, you could have some problems. But, if you go to an art school, it will be a much easier experience. I went to an art school and I had no problems with religious people at all. In my program I had quite a few religious friends, even my room mate for 2 years was extremely religious, and we never had any issues. We had discussions and debates about it, but it was always a friendly debate, and it never caused any arguments or problems. College is where I met my wife, who is also religious.

If you are in any scientific, or art field, you are likely to encounter a smaller number of religious people. I was in the graphic design program, and every one of my professors was either atheist or agnostic. One of them even had us watch Zeitgeist in class.

There was one student who was hardcore religious, every project was about religion, and she got made fun of more than anyone, even by the other religious people.

I'm sure if you make religious friends you will hear the generic questions and they will offer to save you, but as long as you stick to your beliefs they will give up and stop caring about it.


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