President Obama spoke at the City Club of Cleveland today about a program to develop technology centers throughout the U.S. 

However, the media machine already had rebuttals up before the speech aired. 

Also, oddly (to me at least) commentary on the speech from the Cleveland Plain Dealer website was mostly negative for a full 300 comments so far. 

This is a city that voted 69% in favor of Obama at the 2012 election

So my question is whether the trolls are directing the conversation. Are the media, and by extension the public, believing that Cleveland is dominated by the GOP? Or perhaps that there has been some gargantuan falling out from the Democratic Party? It doesn't seem to be true on the ground. 

When a minority speaks in an echo chamber, their voices will tend to dominate a less vocal majority. Anyone reading the article would expect this to be a Republican stronghold, which couldn't be further from the truth. 

So this is happening everywhere, all the time, seemingly for everything from politics to soap. Are we as a society listening to crazy "voices in our head", disconnected from reality? 

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