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Sorry. Originally put up wrong link to the special report. Fixed.

Thanks Unseen.

In case CNN takes the link off Youtube, you can try going to where CNN hosts a lot of its content for replay.

With the History Channel pushing Jesus Rediscovered, Ancient Aliens, and The Discovery Channel airing Sasquatch hunts it is refreshing to see programming that concentrates on a little bit of reality. This is all the tip of the melting iceberg and I hope more positive coverage continues.

The most distressing element  for our atheist community at large is that we remain, not only in the closet for many of us, but also extremely fragmented as a group in our society. Consider the thousands of atheist websites where we expend similar energies dispelling myth and superstition, all without unity. We are not a cohesive group by any stretch of the imagination. That needs to change. But how?

My hat is off to the Millennial generation who have pulled back the curtain and revealed who the great & powerful OZ really is. 

I wonder how many church goers who viewed the broadcast will sit in their respective pews this weekend and wonder who is really conducting their service. If anything it creates that infinitesimal doubt needed to jerk their own consciousness about their faith.

One of the most disturbing revelations of the show for theists is probably the fact that there are likely quite a few ministers, priests, rabbis, and perhaps some Muslim leaders as well who are atheists afraid to come out of their closet.

I don't know but are we suppose to be "spreading the word?" so to speak. 

Comes off as a little militant, with the tracks and the banner. Talking about the kid who's parents are pastors. 

I mean even listening to Dawkins I hear 'Atheism is the non belief in the supernatural'. Well count me in. Now what? Start walking around with a sign that say's "Higher Power's are Mumbo Jumbo"?

Someone once said that life will always find a way and that in that endeavor it, most of the time, is violent. (Think it was Jeff Goldblum in Juraissic Park.) But the same holds true for believers and their beliefs. Keep sticking that junk yard dog enough times with that stick and eventually you're going to get the teeth.

Why do we need to be so in your face about our non belief? If the numbers are showing us anything it's that we are getting smarter; thank you internet. With that new found knowledge we've started sifting through the crap and a lot of us, recently, have relinquished the old fairy tales. Shouldn't we think that this will continue? Has this change come about because of in your face Atheism? I think because of the internet and because of people like Dawkins, Hitchens, and Sam Harris from the present and Newton, Darwin, and Einstein in the past.

I don't come here to argue with theist about the existence or non existence of god. I'm not as smart as most of you guys (and gals) so I usually come here to learn some new shit I never knew before. At times I think that I might identify with what someone is saying and inject one of my own experiences but most of the time I'm reading the majority of what you smart, smart people are posting on here. Thanks.

"I don't know but are we suppose to be "spreading the word?" so to speak."


I would certainly be more vocal in my own community if it were not for the financial harm to my business I would realize in the form of shunning by the local Xtians once they knew my position. These local fundamentalists are extremely thin skinned when it comes to their bible. And they hold a grudge, forever. My current client is a very religious person and if she suspected me to be an atheist that would be the end of it.

As soon as I am old enough to draw my social security check I will probably start putting some appropriate bumper stickers on my vehicles and maybe even consider starting a local atheist support group. Until then I have my small circle of local free thinkers to rub elbows with.   

Depending upon the beliefs of one's family and friends, the locality you live in, and how you earn your living, there can be a lot of risks in coming out. 

I've never actually come out formally to my family, but I've described myself as "not religious" and I've acted non-religiously on many occasions, so they know basically where I stand. I see no need to set up a table outside the local supermarket to hand out pro-atheist or anti-religious tracts and debate with people. 

Pretty clearly, while the trend has a way to go, the public is on the right track because atheism is growing faster than any religion.

I mean even listening to Dawkins I hear 'Atheism is the non belief in the supernatural'. Well count me in. Now what? Start walking around with a sign that say's "Higher Power's are Mumbo Jumbo"?

Noel, many people here are insistent that "atheism isn't a belief" in the first place. Of course, I think that's nonsense, but if I accept it, then there no there there. Nothing to promote or be militant about.

I think atheist/agnostic animus against the word "belief" is largely misguided.  It simply means what one holds to be true, and "to believe" as a verb doesn't address the reason for one's belief.  It could be a rational or an irrational reason.  It's certainly proper to say one believes in evolution, if one holds that evolution is true.

The word "faith" on the other hand definitely has, and should have, connotations of no-rational-reason behind it.

I mean even listening to Dawkins I hear 'Atheism is the non belief in the supernatural'. Well count me in. Now what? Start walking around with a sign that say's "Higher Power's are Mumbo Jumbo"?

Dawkins has been called out by other atheists for using non-belief instead of the rejection of. One could only say that those atheists who claim with absolute certainty that god doesn't exist have a belief. The rest (most atheists and virtual atheists as far as I know) do not have a belief or a non-belief about God. They simply reject it just as they reject the flat-earthers, and radical-marxism, the-invisible-pink-unicorn and the dancing hippos on the other side of the moon. This is not a is a default position.

What then? If you want to take atheism to an ideological level then you do so in the name of an atheist friendly ideology(ies) or through your own idiosyncratic ideology. These include:







There is zero imperative for an atheist to do anything more than reject the existence of God. I would recommend...if you do want to do something more...then as a start...look up a local chapter of a humanist association near you.

There isn't a dime's worth of difference between rejecting the notion of God and disbelieving it.

It's absurd to take the position that God doesn't exist or that there's no evidence for God while maintaining that you don't believe it.


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