I'm totally stealing this from Pharyngula, because I think it's a fun thing he does. There is a poll on the front page of CNN asking if you believe in god or not. Go on over and let people know that atheists exist in larger numbers than they ever thought.


You need to scroll down a bit - it's on the right side.

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Wow, running 50/50 right now:

Do you believe in God?
Yes 50% - 4030
No 50% - 4060
Total Votes: 8090
Don't underestimate the effects on a poll that has been Pharyngulated!
LOL! Oh I won't. And it looks like the scales are tipping...

Do you believe in God?
Yes 39% - 5033
No 61% - 7752
Total Votes: 12785
So far...the truth hurts:

Yes 41% 4747
No 59% 6695
Total Votes: 11442
You may be interested to note that the mobile version of the poll is completely different yet displays the exact same results.

The mobile version of the poll displays the question as this: Has worry about credit card debt kept you up at night?
I am not sure if the mobile version always has a different question. It seems a bit strange... wink wink. I wonder if it was intentional?

PS the mobile link is here: http://m.cnn.com but only displays question on a mobile device. Go to the link from a phone and you should see it... (scroll all the way down)


I think therefore God isn't
the poll timed out on me... wait I came back to it and now it displays:

Do you believe in God?
Yes 34% 6607
No 66% 13111
Total Votes: 19718
This might be because of the influx of atheist blogs like the Reddit Atheism page.
Also, the one on www.cnn.com was different than the one on edition.cnn.com
But the question is a leading one. It assumes there is a "God".


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