Clothing Decency: Is it a religious based thing or social one?

I of late have been pondering how much clothing oneself in expected ways is based on contrived religious values or social ones. Whether we are expected to wear enough of something, the right something, based on sex type and situation. If it wasn't for expected religious "values" that we could be more lax in what we wear or not wear including being naked or partly just because it's more comfortable or that we by not obeying someone else's idea of what we should look like to them.

What do you think?

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You reminded me of something like that scene some 38 years ago.  I was on a beach on a Greek island with my cousin Perry, and many people of all ages were occupying their various spots on the sand.  A group of youngsters decided to go topless.  In front of me was a Greek couple, both probably in their sixties.  He was skinny and she was quite bulky, and wore a white two piece.

She sat up suddenly and stared at the youngsters.  Perry and I braced ourselves for the torrent of abuse that we anticipated from her poised position.

Then totally unexpectedly, she reached behind her and undid her own bra/top, and hurled it to one side, lying back topless herself.  It was awesome - I can still remember our jaw-drop followed by our delight.  Bloody marvelous!

Heyyyyy - when in Greece, do as the Grecians do --

So, when I see a well-formed female in a garterbelt set and heels, that is because Christianity wants her to be dressed that way?

I don't think so.


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