Clothing Decency: Is it a religious based thing or social one?

I of late have been pondering how much clothing oneself in expected ways is based on contrived religious values or social ones. Whether we are expected to wear enough of something, the right something, based on sex type and situation. If it wasn't for expected religious "values" that we could be more lax in what we wear or not wear including being naked or partly just because it's more comfortable or that we by not obeying someone else's idea of what we should look like to them.

What do you think?

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Sorry, I am naked under my cloths, and I can't do a thing about it! Most of us have an advanced imagination, after being married several times, or serial-monogamist, I expect that inspecting the 'hardware' is hardly more than an optical sensor scan away. I am more impressed with personality and the corporal details. If you are a good soul, a crisp funny mind, with few nutty hangups, and a lover of nature and deep time, I am already at WOW.

If you need, 'Thank yah Jesus', what ever floats your boat!   

A few friends several years ago asked if I would liked to go to a clothing optional beach along the Columbia river, and I said, ' ok'.

It was a very hot day with couples(straight & gay), singles, and children present. I striped down to be part of the local culture, and felt the 'exposure' issue enter my awareness. Over about 2.5 hours of ala-natural, I noticed the cognitive tendency to start accepting the natural state as a new 'norm'. Some people were quite charming nude, others not-so-much, but the human condition, in all its forms and variety were seen, and slowly accepted.

At the end of our short experience, I returned home with the funny feeling that I had crossed a gulf in my awareness, between prudery and nudity, and that the difference between these to points of 'normal' might only consist of 2.5 hours of desensitization. On my return to the group house I shared with other students, I did not feel so concerned when a female friend sprayed solarcane on my throughly radiation burned privates, and backside! A few of us had shared a day in the sun with few hangups, beauty and a new awareness of our human-ness.

We seem to be so hide behind our props, that layers of these can offer a mask to our reality. Sadly, my present life seems to demand a 'mask', with my job search 'uniform' clearly not who or what I am. Such experiences seem to offer a window on our culture, where we can see the boundaries of values and socialization in crisp contrast and maybe offer a new awareness for our choices...     

Of course, in Spring and Summer, it's religion-based - Fall and Winter, comfort-based. Bear in mind, before considering eliminating those conventions, that there are some people you NEVER want to see naked.

there are some people you NEVER want to see naked.

The human body has some interesting tricks to deal with this problem. The neck for instance has the astounding ability to turn the entire head, not just a portion of it, away from any unpleasant site. The eyes have this ability to a lesser extent, but they make up for what they lack in the ability to close also. Further more, your feet have the ability to turn your entire body around too. I know, it's crazy! :p

But recognition that a problem exists, prefaces application of any of those solutions, recognition that requires observation, after which, in some instances, blindness occurs instantaneously.

They make canes for that.

"modest" clothing is religious based,

Professional clothing is image based,

"modern" clothing is media based.

No Clothing is nature based, provided the weather is nice.

Personally, I believe that if clothing was naturally optional, people would be more inclined to take care of themselves. It would become socially acceptable in the US to have free universal healthcare, and the food industry would be under much more scrutiny, because what you eat affects your body so much more than how much weight you gain. Certain foods actually promote hair growth, and certain chemicals commonly used in food can do odd things to the skin, and the rest of your body.

I'm not ashamed to admit that when I'm home alone, or in the company of someone like my fiance, I rarely wear much clothing, not because of some idea of sex appeal, but because it feels more natural. Not having a carefully regulated body temperature can help your immune system stay on it's toes also.

The first step in solving any problem, is to admit that there is a problem, and what better way to admit that there is a problem, than to stand naked before the world.

Lets be honest here as clothing may have been religious based but now its the fashion industry who would fight the hardest for it. There is just way to much money in selling a piece of cut and sewed cloth costing a few dollars for hundreds of dollars.

The only problem I have with the fashion industry is that annoying little habit of theirs for owning sweat shops and basically using slave labor. If I were president, I wouldn't declare war on drugs, or terrorism, or anything that pointless, I'd declare war on slavery. I'd place embargos on specific companies that use slave labor, and punish people who made dummy companies to hide that fact.

People are obese and ashamed of their bodies, so the nudist's utopia would never work anyway. Maybe for thin people it might. 

There are some articles of wear that serve a practical purpose, such as shoes when we walk outside, and bras which are kind of supportive if you have a full pair of boobs.  This is especially true when you get older and gravity lays its claim.  I imagine men's underpants also serve a purpose if you are walking through foliage.  The rest is more likely to have become a form of adornment over time.

In Brattleboro, Vermont, there is a by-law that permits people to walk naked in the streets, providing there is no lewd behaviour, and every summer, there is usually a group of people who avail themselves of this right, just once, and presumably to prove a point or justify not taking the law off the books.

Another benefit of wearing clothing and perhaps jewellery, is that it makes people give more information about themselves before you engage with them, so I think it eases opening interactions.  A sloppy jeans kind of person would be saying something different about themselves than a co-ordinated clothing kind of person.  In particular, uniforms will serve the purpose of informing others of the social function and responsibility of the uniform-wearer.

Well what I envision is, say for example I'm at a public beach, I'm dressed as expected and hanging around my spot on the sand. Not far from me is a bunch of young people who don't look bad physically. Some of them decide to go natural. I see that briefly and go about my business. Some (usually) older uglier folk nearby get incised about it and make it their business to put a stop to it by calling the police. What is their motivation? Minding other people's "morality"? is it religiously motivated, or do they just like to enforce "social norms" by being aggressive. Maybe thinking it's going to affect (scared cow) the children. I have never actually seen it happen but I've heard of things like this.


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