I have a friend, slowly devolving into an acquaintance and occasional source of amusement, that is incredibly closed-minded. When I met him, he was a Christian, but his view would most likely be described as warped by most Christians. His god was imperfect, was not omniscient, and did what he did (created the universe, etc.) for science and learning. This perplexes me to no end. My guess is he believes these things because A. He acts as though he does things for science and learning, B. He didn't like what he found in the Old Testament (in comparison with the New Testament), and C. He's is a homosexual (and proud, so I'm not revealing a dark secret or throwing him under the bus [nor am I saying this is typical of homosexuals]), and didn't like what god had to say about homosexuals. After a period of doubt, he was converted to deism by his boyfriend. I pleaded with him to read up on deism, because the largely indifferent god of deism didn't at all coincide with his beliefs. But he was still up to his old ways; he warped deism to suit himself (apparently his boyfriend shares his beliefs). Unlike most deists, they belief that in ancient times, God DID in fact assist mankind, But now no longer does. Now, this radical change and sudden acceptance of his boyfriend's beliefs may not seem like closed-mindedness, but don't be fooled. There is a one hundred foot wall between reality and his brain. When I asked him to read the article I'd found on deism, and to consider his new belief, he refused, trying to avoid doubt. Later, when I tried to show him the article in person, he told me to "get the hell away" from him. In debates and arguments after that, he never listened to any of my points, and rebuttaled without logic or sense. But I kept trying. I pleaded with him to watch the videos of YouTube's evid3nc3, in exchange for my never bother him about his closed-mindedness or even religion, ever again. And outright, for no good reason, he refused. I'm struggling to care anymore, but it is my nature to keep trying. I'm at my wit's end! Help???

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