Yesterday at work I overheard part of a consversation that hurt my brain.

Customer: It's so warm today!

Worker 1: Must be global warming.

Worker 2: Global warming isn't real.

Worker 1: Yes, it is.  Go back to school.

Worker 2: Do you believe in God?

Worker 1: Yeah.  Yeah. 

Worker 2:  [looks skeptical]

Worker 1: Yes, I do. Why would I lie about that?

To my great dismay, I missed the part where Worker 2 explains how his belief in God conteracts the Greenhouse Effect.  It kind of shocked me that they would talk about something politicized, like climate change, at work.  I was blown away when Worker 2 brought up God. 

Has anyone else encountered this kind of God-trumps-climate-change thinking?  What do you think the Climate Change Skeptic/Theist would have said next?  For my edification and general amusement, please tell me, how does this work?

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If I were going to pursue nuclear energy I'd go with Molten Salt Reactors, better bang for the buck, uses cheaper more abundant fuel and can use up the current nuclear waste.

That's where I'd dump my research money and efforts.

If I were going to pursue nuclear energy I'd go with Molten Salt Reactors, better bang for the buck, uses cheaper more abundant fuel and can use up the current nuclear waste. That's where I'd dump my research money and efforts.

Very interesting, Gregg.

Pretty soon you'll have................

-Alligators working their way up the Mississippi. Hey, lets check out Cleveland!

-Banana plantations in Iowa. Hey mista tally mon banana, beauty aye?

-The birds will fly North of the North, for the summer

-Hurricanes in NY (oh yeah, we already have that)

All Y'all Yankees are gonna have to get a drawl and drink sun tea. You like yer trees full o moss. Oh and mango trees make a real mess...You'll are gonna have to slow down. It's too damm hot foe all that running around. And you put put lime on your beer to shoo flies, not because it tastes good!

That's why the lime in the beer bottle?

That's why the lime in the beer bottle?

The wedge of lime mitigates the dreadfully offensive taste of the Corona.

"American beer is like making love in a canoe: it's fucking close to water." -Eric Idle

And mind you, American beer is an improvement over the Mexican variety. I don't drink, but when I did, it was Taddy Porter. Impossibly delicious stuff.

Not at all, Gallup - what you may not know, is that over the past couple of centuries, many German brewmeisters have migrated to Mexico, where they opened breweries. Very few "Mexican" beers use anything other than the German brewmeisters' formulae.

The lime is for additional flavor - even Bud has come out with it's own lime-added beer. Since spending some years in Mexico, I drink lime in all my beer, domestic or imported.

Stay thirsty, my friend --

We already have moss in our trees...

Oh yeah...should have said "hanging"...You live in a really beautiful area.

Actually we have 'moss' growing where I would rather there were none., My last can wash made this rather obvious. LOL

LOL nonsense!

Maybe I should have paid more attention to this first statement earlier.

I have fallen into the 'humans can't, because of X', argument/discount a few times since 'climate change' has been an issue. One version has been, 'humans can't, because only God has that power', or 'humans can't, because God said he would never again distroy the earth', or 'humans can't, because God would not allow it'.

Sadly, with this argument, or an attempt at one, what evidence is available, is not considered either valid or important. Using, or refering to 'God' as a legitamate 'power' in the universe, does not really let humans off the hook, but only attempts to replace one cause or power with another that is not concrete. Since we cannot confront 'God', the conversation ends, and so skurting the question entirely.

At a job site, this might have been the best outcome. Attempting to 'win' in such a context might have created a web of bad feelings that in the end could be used to validate the/an extream position. 



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