Yesterday at work I overheard part of a consversation that hurt my brain.

Customer: It's so warm today!

Worker 1: Must be global warming.

Worker 2: Global warming isn't real.

Worker 1: Yes, it is.  Go back to school.

Worker 2: Do you believe in God?

Worker 1: Yeah.  Yeah. 

Worker 2:  [looks skeptical]

Worker 1: Yes, I do. Why would I lie about that?

To my great dismay, I missed the part where Worker 2 explains how his belief in God conteracts the Greenhouse Effect.  It kind of shocked me that they would talk about something politicized, like climate change, at work.  I was blown away when Worker 2 brought up God. 

Has anyone else encountered this kind of God-trumps-climate-change thinking?  What do you think the Climate Change Skeptic/Theist would have said next?  For my edification and general amusement, please tell me, how does this work?

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I accept the scientific view that the global production of energy by burning hydrocarbon fuels is a major contributor to the change in the atmosphere commonly called "Global Warming".

For the global community to change to another form of energy production the change will need to be economically feasible.

It is this economic feasibility problem that is the largest roadblock to arresting the current trend toward more atmospheric change ie. "Global Warming".

While there are several different methods of energy production that are not hydrocarbon based, none of them offer a quick and easy changeover.

The other undeniable condition is that the "Global Warming" problem is time sensitive and time is running out.

For me I don't see any practical solutions to the problem, I feel sure that the global community will continue as it always has done and simply adapt to the conditions they create.

Since oil will still become more expensive over time, the oil companies have no incentive to change, but it is doubtful that anyone will buy that last gal of oil, except as a museum display.

Sadly, the future is not about the oil companies, it is about the continued propagation of our culture. It seems doubtful, that we would recognize this culture should we revisit it in about 100 years. Adaptation should be a mandatory class in our schools... 

I figure that our cheep forest lands along the west side of our coast range could become prime beach front property in time. Of course we might need to get used to the Willamette Valley inland  sea that has been absent for ~ 40 million years, wow! 

I'm afraid, Kairan, that I'm not a very good, passive listener - I would have jumped into the middle of that conversation with both feet and asked the same questions, but to those who could answer as to what was on their minds, ending all speculation.

Yeah, well, I was about 20 feet away with a couple of walls in the way.  Can't say I was eavesdropping because they were just that loud.  I'd have had to have yelled to satisfy my curiosity.  That would've been awkward.  And as a progressive, bisexual, and atheist, I'm trying to keep a low profile, since I work with a lot of close-minded people.  My boss tells me that Worker 2, is "you-know, the gay guy."  My old boss (now in HR) still gives me the stink eye because she knows I'm progressive.  It's pretty stupid where I work.

To tell you the truth, although I have encountered a number of climate change deniers, none of them have referenced God; they've all been Republicans who think it's a liberal lie by scientists plotting to destroy the American way of life.  Meanwhile, 2012 was the hottest year on record, and the trends are steadily upwards. 

That being said, it does beg the question of why we should expect God to save us, when He/She/It is clearly trying His/Her/Its best to kill degrees!

Sadly, even real fools will be hard pressed to ignore the details in time.

There is a movie/docu that came out 2008 called 'The Age of Stupid', concerning all the things we could have done 'before' it went to shit. Looking back from 2052, with much of the human population either extinct or in controled habitats, could knock the stupid grins off anyone. Sadly we do not have this time travel ability, except for good attempts at climate modeling. It is all the 'details' of global warming that could make life difficult, if not impossible.

Controlled habitats? How inhospitable do you think the weather is going to get? 

Sadly, we do not know....

Gregg R Thomas

Sadly the local monkeys cannot move to a new tree this time around.

One of the last lines in the movie "'s too late for us.", that may be humankind's epitaph.

It's rampant man! Just listen to CSN (Christian Satelite Network). Prophecy is coming true. Whatever happens it is Gods plan! Global warming is Gods plan. Hurricane Sandy was Gods plan because America is rejecting God. SORRY, but it is an epic fantasy. I will go for reason anyday. I think it takes alot more effort to reason and use the empirical method of science, and realize how insignificant we are, than it does to believe that we are at the center of the universe. The schism of religion with science and reason started when we reasoned and realized we aren't at the center of Gods creation. What can I say? Read the top reasoners, Study the Bible, study empirical science, try to tie relativity to quantum mechanics! I just ask you to look at all the facts, don't say that all of "Atheists FACTS" are of the devil and if it leads you away from Jesus Christ you will burn in hell! What do you think?


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