Yesterday at work I overheard part of a consversation that hurt my brain.

Customer: It's so warm today!

Worker 1: Must be global warming.

Worker 2: Global warming isn't real.

Worker 1: Yes, it is.  Go back to school.

Worker 2: Do you believe in God?

Worker 1: Yeah.  Yeah. 

Worker 2:  [looks skeptical]

Worker 1: Yes, I do. Why would I lie about that?

To my great dismay, I missed the part where Worker 2 explains how his belief in God conteracts the Greenhouse Effect.  It kind of shocked me that they would talk about something politicized, like climate change, at work.  I was blown away when Worker 2 brought up God. 

Has anyone else encountered this kind of God-trumps-climate-change thinking?  What do you think the Climate Change Skeptic/Theist would have said next?  For my edification and general amusement, please tell me, how does this work?

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Sounds like a Syffy channel movie.

I think I might have to change my name.

Oh, Diane, what a gem of a conversation!

Raining on parades I see!

I remember an overnight party I went to late 80's. I was rather boored, and still working on my 'coming out' as a strait nerd, so had seeming limited social skills. I was sitting near by a couple, the guy trying to come on to a rather charming young gal, and the gal asking a question, 'so why can't I see all the stars?'. The poor fellow was stumbling rather badly with answering the question, so I leaned over and said, 'most of the stars are under your feet, the cone above is very small in reference to the actual sky around the planet'. The couple got up and left, and I continued being lonely till much latter. After about two hours, I ran into the guy again, and he suggested that 'I shove my opinion, and thanks for the f--king help'. I figure, he had made out to be a fool, and had limited genetic chances. They gal did not seek me out, maybe I used too many 'big words'....;p(. 

I recall many times being about 5 miles offshore in a boat watching the concrete and smog of downtown Miami slowly form it's own afternoon weather. I'd call it "Local Warming". I guess god allows that kind of thing.

Is the annual mean temperature raising?


Conclusive Evidence:

Pictures of glaciers and the polar ice packs over the last several decades.  This is publicly available information to anyone.

People can argue about cause, but not about the annual mean warming over the past several decades.

Whatever your position  is doesn't matter, we are all going to experience the effect of Global Warming.

I got some land in Florida for sale if anyone is interested.

Fox News and Big Oil certainly can argue about the cause. That doesn't mean they have a credible argument.


But knowing won't change the outcome, the global "we" will continue to burn hydrocarbons, it's still the cheapest form of energy and that fact is key.

Heh, Moonbase Gingrich.  I was discussing the global helium "shortage" with Worker 1 about a month ago when he asked me, "why don't they just make more of it?"  I told him it's an element.*  "Oh." He says.  My boss chimes in and says, "they're gonna have to go to Mars or the Moon to get more." All I could think was, 'head-palm, head-palm, head-palm.'

*Now, I know diddly squat about chemistry (I mostly slept through AP Chem, 7 years ago), but I figure elements are hella impossible for humans to make or require so much energy it's just not feasible to knock particles around into your own newly minted gold.  Otherwise, I'm sure the HSN would be hocking it at a discounted rate.

Then stop using Helium for kids balloons!

Helium, on Earth is extracted from natural gas, but I do not know at what concentration. Might be an interesting idea to look into other sources, or determine the changes in natural gas concentration, or even if it could be recaptured. Sadly Helium goes strait up after release.  

Yes, sadly I did not notice the isotope number at the time of the posting. Please forgive...

It's all about the Benjamens:

No country will build Fusion Reactors when there are cheaper energy alternatives available.

Nuclear power is only a first world answer, not a third world one.  How much capitol is needed before you can get your first Kilowatt hour from fusion? Billions of dollars.

How much for coal?  The price of a match.

It will always be about the Benjamins, the least expensive source of energy always wins in the real world, it can't be helped.

We don't live on a planet with one government that is in charge of the atmosphere, we live on a planet with self-interested nation states and most of them do not have first world status.

Take America for example; we use 25 percent of the oil used everyday, most of it (as your chart shows) to move ourselves and our stuff. How does America solve it's transportation problem without reliance on liquid hydrocarbon fuels?


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