I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts were about. Is there a correlation between climate change skeptics and those with religious beliefs?

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I think the first two steps that need to be taken in each country are, firstly, to reform ownership of the media, to try to ensure balance and freedom from censorship (self or imposed). The second is to reform political funding and lobbying to remove much of the opportunity for corporate influence over politicians. I do agree that we need to target wealth accumulation, but I think that it would be impossible to make gold valueless; you would just give it black market value, like narcotics, or they would assign it's value to another commodity instead. Gold is the oldest transferable commodity after food. However, we do need to shift the burden of taxation away from income, and towards wealth (all forms, not just gold) and non-essential consumption, particularly of carbon-intensive goods.

I think the ideas and people exist, but it is a question of the right opportunity arising. Peak oil, and a massive increase in energy prices, might be that opportunity.
The thing that worries me about peak oil and a massive increase in energy charges is the devastating effects its going to have on every society. Millions out of work, millions starving, refugees everywhere, rampant disease, water shortages, riots and worst of all military control of everything.
I really don't think we can afford to wait until then but I do not know what the answer is!
Hackers of the world unite.
Since most of the wealth of the world is in the hands of the Rothchilds a good place to start wold be a concentrated effort to discredit them in order to cease their assets, property and wealth.. And a good starting point for that would be to publish some history. Though this info is not secret it has been fairly well buried over the years.
Long story short.
They were entrusted to keep all the money of the Russian czars. Once they had it they refused to return it and instead used much of it to fund the Bolsheviks and finance the Russian revolution.

I am pretty sure most US citizens would be OUTRAGED to find out that THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY who pretty much control world banking ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR about THE RISE OF COMMUNISM in the modern era.

They may even be outraged enough to demand Nationalizing the Banks and confiscating the assets of this family.

I am fairly sure if a few hundred people post this information on social websites on a daily basis for a couple of years the cover up will have failed and the outrage will begin.

Hows that for a start Adrian?
I would be a little uncomfortable with the motivation of some people in targetting the Rothschilds in particular, and I would also not endorse any kind of anti-communist witchhunt. I think we can achieve a more equitable society without seizures or victimisation of individuals.

Abolish tax havens and enforce legitimate, progressive tax regimes, with heavy penalties for evasion and avoidance. Any confiscation could only be acceptable if it was the end result of a legitimate process to establish criminal activity; I am in favour of such confiscation of the proceeds of crime, whether that be tax evasion, fraud, drug-dealing, people trafficking or whatever, but it must be supervised through a judicial process.

I do agree that the banks should have been nationalised during the current financial crisis, so that governments would have had control to put in place the proper regulatory and monitoring structures to prevent a similar crash, to ensure fairness and common sense in their lending and trading practices, and to prevent the banks collusion in criminal endeavours and money laundering.

Keith, this is getting a long way from the topic of this thread. I suggest you post a discussion in either the main forum, or in a relevant group.
You are a very honorable honest man Adrian. I suggest using US paranoia as a tool to help and you are totally against it. And with good reason too.

I take my hat off to you sir. There are few such honest decent people around these days.
Perhaps I will start a new topic. But I need to think more about it first and make it relevant to this site.



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