I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts were about. Is there a correlation between climate change skeptics and those with religious beliefs?

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Here in Sweden the "Truthers" are very good at getting the attention of people between 18 to 30. Was it some 40% that thought Bush Administration was neglectant to stop the 9/11 and there are even people here that believe the Nobody has walked on Moon conspiracy.

They made interview with the guy who was most influential and he was an Anti-globalist Left Wing politician. I thought they would be intelligent enough to see through conspiracies but it seems that if one live with Left Politicians then they are so biased by their hate against anything American that they buy the conspiracies even when they come from Right wing extremists. Very sad situation.

Conspiracy Truthers behave very much like religionists do. They feel what is the truth.

this is why religion will not go away. It only shift into secular wild conspiracies like David Icke and similar conspiracies.
Political Left people here have University degrees. Ideology always will win over education. They rather be sceptical to science then to give up their hate over "Western White Male Dominance through Science Scam" they simply trust that science are bought buy the Capitalist Global Economy. so they only trust their own "educators".
don't get me wrong but these Left wing persons are between 18 and say 35 and they use their reasoning skills to debunk science as a power machine for rich people.

The more education they have the more skeptical they are to science.
Trust me they are very intelligent but that doesn't help them at all.

I wish it was like you say but it is opposite. The more educate the more sophisticated the "Truthers" conspiracy is.

Have you really read them?
Yep you hit it on the head, anything I ever say look at this scientific evidence, my friends reply "Man this is probably put out there to try and trick us." You can't win they have a circular argument like religion.
It makes sense that there would be a correlation due to the religious tendency to reject observable realities in favor of the invisible.

While the scientific study of this is far from over, what is often missed is that the climate crisis is more than just the study of the gradual increase in global temperate. It is an effort to sustain humanity in the face of exponential population growth and finite natural resources. It is the recognition of our impact on our surroundings and a call to action to preserve our species and this planet for millennia (i.e., long-term planning).
All I can say is my friend is Catholic, I knew that first, then he was into the whole Alien things as he believes they experimented on, he believes in ghosts, one world government, cem trails, and now he has signed with those who are climate skeptics however, now being skeptical is ok but he isn't making his decision based on facts he is doing based on how it fits in with his favourite conspiracy theories. I don't believe he makes any of these decisions himself he is just caught in a maze of conspiracy. He says to me "you have to think, do not be mainstream" but he doesn't think he just does what prison planet says, I think these organisations are dangerous I have seen there links or support to militia groups which i think is a huge problem.

Sorry to those who are real climate sceptics I am not trying to group with in with the Alex Jones sheep.

So in terms of the answer to the correlation If you are likely to believe in something that is not rational like religion it is very plausible you are more likely to accept other things without much evidence. So yes there I my eyes there would be. Depending on your reason for being skeptical that is.
yes, it's simple. i can come up with a one word.......and that is searching for the TRUTH!

btw, global warming is full of hot air....lol

i was once a believer in global warming but now, it is a theory at best.....
What's right about being warmer?
1. More land animals live through the winter.
2. Less energy needed to warm houses (negative feedback). And all the energy you put into your house to keep it warm winds up being radiated into the surrounding air. Check your basic energy balance concepts.
3. Women need fewer cloths, saving on the cotton/silk/petroleum based materials. Better for the environment, and the eye candy is good as a side benefit.
4. More room for aquatic animals. The available land for land animals may be a wash because of the melted glaciers!

Any other ideas?

No, I am not being flippant.
I would like to explain to you relative to my life what I'm talking about.

1. I live in the United States in the state of Wyoming. I travel to work approximately 15 miles outside of the town I live in and on the daily drive to and from work every spring I can count the number of bodies of the dear and envelope and other smaller animals that have died from the cold and frozen in the snow all winter. As the temperature warms up and the snow melts you have many carcasses to count. In the mid-to-late 70s (that's the 1970s) you could count on about one carcass every half mile on the way to work. Since that time some years it has been maybe one carcass every 5 miles. And the population of antelope, rabbits, raccoons, and etc. has been much much higher. Every hunting season lately you're pretty much guaranteed to kill while in the past you're lucky if once every three years you got a kill. To me this indicates that it has warmed, animal life has had better winters, resulting in more animal life. I put a high premium on life be it animal or whatever. I also happen to notice that as it has warmed slightly the plant life has increased. Our state is a high plains desert and as such it's mostly sagebrush or historically been that way anyway. Over the last 15 years there have been natural grasses start to reform here that used to be here when our grandfathers and great grandfathers came to this country. You will have to talk really hard to convince me that this warming has been detrimental to anything in this country.

2. Although I am fully aware that the CO2 in the atmosphere will absorb more infrared radiation and tend to warm the atmosphere more as the CO2 content increases, I am just not convinced that this is the major factor involved in the Earth's average temperature tending to increase. There is so little understood about the variability of the sun, the effect of clouds, the effect of temperature mixing in the layers of the atmosphere, etc. I do wish to acknowledge that I believe that the temperature of the earth has increased since sometime in the recent past. The exact cause of the increase I don't believe is fully understood at this point.

3. In reply to your question about high temperature areas and women's clothing I assume you are referring to the Arabic tendency to have men and women wear a lot of cloths when in the sun for long times in the concentrated heat of the desert. I have to wonder though if this isn't more cultural than necessary for human life. Consider African civilizations. None of them developed this same need for a lot of clothing, neither did the Egyptians or American natives such as the Aztec or the Incas. The material left behind by them show cultures that have very little clothing relativity of our own modern day cultures. But I know of no northern cold civilization that does not have a lot of clothing involved in their culture.

4. And yes I realize that some, and let me emphasize some, species of aquatic animals and land animals will wind up going extinct due to the temperature change. But then new varieties of animals will replace them. The animals themselves may not actually die off they may just adapt to the higher temperatures. I have always wondered why people object to changes that wind up helping one type of animal and not helping another or actually being bad for another. Isn't the essence of life adaptability. If you cannot adapt to your environment, and as we know the environment will always change either from the effects of mankind or the effects of nature, if you cannot adapt to those changes then you die because you are not fit.

I do not deny that the earth has warmed up in the recent past. I also do not deny that mankind has had some effect on that. My problem is that everybody says it's bad. Why is it so bad. If you're worried about the price of land in Florida versus the life of many people and many animals than it makes you pretty shallow. Unless you can come up with something that says it will be bad for all animals or at least a majority of animals and mankind I can see many many benefits to having a warmer planet. Based on that I see no reason to be critical of it.
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