I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts were about. Is there a correlation between climate change skeptics and those with religious beliefs?

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We also changed our policies and increased safety and environmental regulation in the west since the 70s. One rarely hears about acid rain today (although I would be somewhat surprised if it didn't occur in the Virginias). People who predict tragedy are often wrong, because something is done about it. Who wants to risk proving them right in order to prove them wrong?
Well Jin-oh does say 'skeptics.' But I think there really is a difference, a significant one.

You are probably skeptical because you don't see conclusive evidence. But if you're an actual skeptic, you'll at least examine the evidence presented (if its not conclusive you remain skeptical, but if something conclusive was presented you'd probably start to change your stance); and you likely admit there are some potential problems with climate/pollution/etc.

Those religious minded/motivated are not skeptics because of lack of evidence, are not likely to examine any evidence, and think nothing is wrong. They are deniers; because they believe God will prevent it, or they don't trust science, and most of all they wouldn't believe conclusive evidence if it slapped them in the face.

Some people are skeptics, some are deniers, and there is a difference.

I think this is one of my biggest peeves... Even if it turns out there was nothing wrong, most of the proposed steps have overall good results, and contribute to prevention of future possible problems. What legitimate excuse do people have for not making the world a little better.
A book I read once (although it was dealing with social collapse, not environmental change) described the desire for ever more detailed and irrefutable evidence as 'being hit by the oncoming truck while we were still working out just how fast it was moving'.
I am a climate change Skeptic. I have looked at a great deal of evidence and listened to the views of people (many of them scientists) who I hold great respect for. They do point out a great deal of flaws in current thinking and published climate "science"
Its not that I don't believe we have contributed to climate change, because by simply existing we must have some effect. The thing that really gets my goat is the way the responsibility has been put on to the ordinary man. In Europe and The USA there are now new taxes, and laws aimed directly at the public. There are eco police who can close down small businesses at their discretion (must be great if you own a big burger chain. You can get the eco police to close down the smaller cheaper outlets for a few bucks and thus remove legitimate competition.) and so on. Yet the real offenders: Massive Global corporations that pump out millions of tons of pollution every second are simply left to continue as if they were nothing to do with the problem.
If the political concern were genuine then there would be new laws and very tight deadlines to greatly reduce the pollution pumped out out by these corporations. We would see many factories simply closed down and we would see corporation owners facing prison sentences.

Its not that its fake. It may be real. But the methods of addressing it are most defiantly fake. Its being used by globalist to eliminate competition and increase dependence on them.

I'm really surprised more people have not noticed this.
The reason I put inverted commas around the word science is because for me as a non scientist it is difficult to identify the real science backed up with research and evidence from opinion and propaganda which is put into the public arena with the same gravity as the real thing. To do so I would have to spend a great deal of time (which I don't have) researching to find out the truth.
I am certain the climate is changing, since it always does.

My skepticism is really about the political attitude. It seems to me that they really do not care about the reality of climate change
Instead they see it as a tool to further oppress the working person through draconian law and tax on behalf of their globalist friends and supporters.

The real causes needs to be addressed. here are just a couple of examples:

the current drive for recycling.aimed at the general public. A large proportion of this would be unnecessary if the manufacturers of consumable goods simply changed their packaging methods.

Pollution from motor vehicles:
Since the problems preventing the manufacture and use of low polluting electric cars have now been solved car manufacturers could be made to change over now. But nothing is done because its going to cost the globalist elite cash and hurt the oil industry.

Who am I kidding. I'm not skeptical about political attitude. I know for a fact that they really only care about making more cash for themselves and their friends. They really don't give a toss about the climate.

I also know that short of raising an army, starting a revolution and taking over the world in order to make the necessary changes there is nothing I can do about it either.

So I give up. I'm just going to carry on like nothing is wrong and when the world finally collapses I'll worry about it then.
Quite frankly I think you are naive in the extreme if you actually believe pressure groups can achieve anything. If its not in the interests of the large corporations then it it wont happen. Thats it. They control the wold and unless we suddenly find away to remove their control which is more unlikely than finding proof of Gods existence then nothing is going to change.

As I said. I'll worry about it when it happens and enjoy my life now, rather than making pointless ineffective protests against people who could not careless what I have to say nut do have the power to shut me up for good if I irritate them enough.
"Corporations only have power if we allow them to have power."
lol and just how do we stop them?
Thats like saying to a hostage with a gun to his head the kidnapper only has power because the hostage let him. Its just not true.
As I said it is a naive outlook. And you believe it because they want you to otherwise you would despair. Thats all part of their protection. They need happy obedient slaves.
I have been watching and researching this stuff for 30 years now. It is impossible to stop. The reason?
Corporations and Banks have power because they control all the assets that are required by modern civilization. It has nothing to do with whether or not we let them have it they took it and they wont give it back.and every time something new comes up they take that too.
THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING WE NEED. and we have no way of taking that control away from them.
You can march and demonstrate all you want but it wont make a difference.
When the oil runs out they control the replacement.
The economy may look on the brink of collapse due to overwhelming debt.
But thats irrelevant to them. Since the debt is fictional it doesn't hurt them to extend the deadlines or even drop the debt and wipe the slate clean which is what they will do if it is required.
There is no way they will let go of control.and no need for them to do so, since their hold on all essential assets for human survival is complete and like the roots of a weed. You break one part off and another grows to replace it.
Their infiltration of society is so deep that any attempt to remove them is utterly futile.
Even an apocalyptic event wont change this. They will still control everything essential. Trying to eliminate them is like trying to eliminate cancer that has invaded every part of your body. There really is nothing you can do. There is nothing anybody can do its too late and it has been for a long time.

I am not taking an ostrich approach. I know exactly what is going on but I refuse to put myself into a position of delusional optimism and false hope.
Don't think knowing all that I do, stops me from fighting.
I still expose the lies and crimes when ever I can. I still research an I still try to awaken people. But after 30 odd years of doing this, and seeing things just get worse and worse are you surprised I feel like this.
Look at the work of John Pilger.
His documentary The war on Democracy, totally exposed the crimes of the US government. The evidence is irrefutable. There is enough to put all the perpetrators away for a long time, yet what happened after its release.
Nothing.. Thats what. Nothing.
That man has exposed more corruption and globalist crime than you and I could ever hope to do. He has fought the good fight his entire life and yet all his hard work has done very little if anything to change one thing.
This is what I mean about the reach of the globalists.
They dont even care what gets exposed or who calls them out.
They are untouchable.
Useful skepticism must be limited in scope - you can be skeptical about a particular result of a particular experiment or the effects of a certain method. This skepticism leads to correction of error and improved results.

Denialism is broad ranging and non-specific. A denier reacts to over-whelming evidence from numerous fronts that do not correspond to a world view with confusion and, well, denial.

IMHO - ones reaction to the exposure of University of East Anglia emails effectively places you in either the skeptic or denier column. The authors of the (now archaic) posts have since come out in support of the broad range of investigation and the resulting science that University of East Anglia was involved in then and that continue now. Your initial skepticism about University of East Anglia
should be put to rest because you can query the author of the leaked post.

If you harbor unreasonable doubts in the face of this evidence -- you are a denier.
I would be interested to know what you read about the climate science pertaining to the the tree rings? Seems client scientists have explained the tree rings but the deniers keep repeating over and over.


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