(Reuters) - A New York City police officer accused of plotting to kidnap and cannibalize women had been having dark fantasies since he was a teenager, but had no intention of ever turning those thoughts into reality, his attorney said on Monday at the start of his federal trial.

Attorney Julia Gatto also said that Officer Gilberto Valle, who faces 20 years to life in prison if convicted, talked online about torturing his own wife and her female friends and colleagues.

"What really turns on is the idea of a woman - oiled, bound, laid out on a platter with an apple in her mouth, about to be cooked," Gatto told jurors in opening arguments. "That's his dirty little secret."

She argued that Valle was engaged in online sexual fantasy role play involving a little-known internet subculture where people with unconventional desires gather to act them out in cyberspace but with no intention of every carrying out criminal acts. (source)

What do you think about the idea of prosecuting people for unacted-upon thoughts? Is that a horrible idea or a creative way of putting away people with homicidal, phedophiliac, or larcenous thoughts before they commit a crime.

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Most people understand the difference between reality and fantasy and for most of them reality would be very disapponting and the reprecussions, if they are not insane completely, would lead most to enact these fantasy in a safe enviroment whether with just private thoughts or clubs with like minded people.

I assume the case will come down to if he used his police role illegally. but I do not see how his thoughts and plans can be used to make a case for something that has not been committed. they would have to have tangible events of some kind of actual attempt in order for the prosecution to have a case on that issue. but that may exist depending on the information he aquired by being a cop.

One problem, I think, is that many believe that people have no control of their thoughts. In fact they do (free-will discussions aside). Dark thoughts can, indeed, flash through our minds, but we do have control over which thoughts we nurture. Only a psychopath would act on a single thought which flashed through their mind. Those who commit vile crimes probably only do so after having cultivated and rationalized their "daymares" for some time.

I think the time may well come when thought reading is possible. When is does people will become experts in nurturing constructive thoughts and banishing destructive ones.

Happily I won't be around long enough to have to decide if I would prefer such a society.

free-will discussions aside...we do have control over which thoughts we nurture.

Oh, really. So, contrary to what brain researchers tell us, we do have a super brain that controls our brain, the brain being an organic electro-chemical machine,

How exactly does that work?

I'm SURE I said "free-will discussions aside". Ah yes, there it is. You even repeated it for me.

AND I asked you a question, because I'd like to know on what grounds you have set them aside.

Damn I guess I should turn myself in, a thousand year sentence doesn't really seem that long. ;)

I think this is all the reply I need:



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