I apologize if this has been discussed before on the forum, but I attempted a search and couldnt find much, so, I'm taking a chance.

I, as many others, am confused over the EXACT differences between Agnostics and Atheists. I consider myself an Agnostic, which I believe to mean that I do not believe in deity, but I do indeed believe in the supernatural; such as spirits, reincarnation and other planes or "worlds". How do my beliefs compare to those of the Atheists? I too, love science and feel that there is a very fine line between Science and The Mystical.

Forgive my naivety, as I am relatively new to change in attitude. I am also a Witch, I started out in worshipping the "Goddess", then as my studies grew and thru research and soul searching, I found the idea and/or concept of a gender specific deity.....ridiculous. Now, one would have to know the definiton of a Witch to understand why it's almost impossible to be an Atheist Witch, but Agnostic..not as impossible. However, that said....I still have to occasionally "defend" my Agnostisim + Witchcraft, as many dont feel that a Witch can even be an Agnostic...not that I give a shit what others think of me or my beliefs, but instead of searching the internet for the answers....I wanted to get the answers from those that live it...daily.

Thank you in advance..

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Soooo well said Mo...I was booted off a page on fb (the wall of peace against the westboro baptist numnutz of perpetual haters) because I dared to suggest that perhaps...GOD was the problem here...as those who believe in a deity...(paths) are so dependent and connected to a being, that fights, wars and unbeliveable hate only comes from worshipping/following a deity.....and the "peaceful" ppl who run the page...are christians and wiccans....nothing good can ever come from religion.
@Kris.....perhaps they mean "a connection' to the earth?"

@Dave B...If one believes in a universal power..ie nature, that we go back from which we came, then there are those who believe that our soul, energy, spirit , whatever u choose to call it, continues on.  In order for that to happen, there MUST' be some "blob of an energy source" ..perhaps just the galaxy?  Where do we come from if there is no source?  (source does NOT have to be a deity..just an energy source).  If we only live once...why even be here in the first place?  What are we doing here?


What do Atheists think happens to "us" when we die? 

Sorry..these are questions that I MUST have answers to for me to understand if I can follow this course.  Oh and hell...I'm ready for the answers...so bring 'um on..


Usually, agnostics are simply those atheists who have been pressured into adopting a stance that is more tolerable to the crush of believers around him or her.

@Ava..you're correct in that Witchcraft is NOT a religion, so no deity is necessary or even wanted.  It's only a practice.  Wiccan's use deity, primarily a Goddess...and there's a shitload of them...made my head swim with so many names and faces...it was crazy. 


Ok....so do Atheists believe we have souls?

@Cass..good point (eyeroll)...I stand corrected.  I see your point with the difficulty of defining terms as it's typically based on individuality.

I recently read that the world's Atheist population is only 2.3%; Japan and Sweden coming in on top...I was a bit surprised that the percentage wasnt a bit higher?


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