There isn't much footage on the subject.
Of course, there is the episode of Penn & Tellers: Bullshit show, discussing circumcision. Which is worth watching. But luckily a director from the Netherlands subtitled a Dutch public broadcast. Thankfully, its subtitled.

I'd like to know peoples stance on this, and their opinion as people do in the footage above.
Do you talk about this subject openly? have you discussed this with your own parents? Is it
wrong to talk about this subject to other people in public?

Female circumcision is illegal, shouldn't it be for Males as well?
Do you agree or disagree?

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I'm with you there.. when I first came here I thought guys were joking that they were all missing "their winter coat" but it is true. Very odd indeed but yet another example of a largely ignorant public not being informed or taking the time to learn the ridiculousness of the whole practice.
I wasn't even aware that it was that common in America, outside of the Jewish community.
Its been practiced even before we came over with smallpox blankets. Its the norm because people don't qurstion it, in its essence.

-in theory, turning down circumcision would result in:
+ being "different" than the other kids
+ hassle of parents teaching their kids how to clean properly (rationality: little boys are dirty anyways) Note: the amount of women getting UTIs isn't a reason to circumcise is it?
+ its tradition, their father did it.
+ A decent amount of girls think a uncircumcised penis is gross
+ "it looks funny and uncircumcised penises stink" amongst other stereotypes.

I've been told "sometimes when you get older, it gets hard and crusty"
my reply was "doesn't that happen to the rest of the body at that age anyways?"

Most people do not think its a big deal to do it usually because they don't know otherwise, and are used to it. There is no good reason why anyone should immediately circumcise a child. Sadly, sex is America's taboo.
"After all it is just the removal of a flap of skin." ? I wouldn't belittle the purpose of the foreskin to a mere "flap". FYI, More than a flap is removed. There are many reasons why the foreskin was there in the first place, one purpose is the same as your eyelid. Here is a list of what is lost, followed by a description and respectable sources.

P.S. Watch the video clip.
I'm circumcised and I really really enjoy sex without my foreskin. I don't have some nasty flap of skin to clean which is great. My penis does look better than an uncircumcised penis. If someone doesn't take care of their foreskin a lot problems can occur. The foreskin provides no substantial benefit so why shouldn't people do it? Personally I think its fine to discuss but really should be left to the parents and doctors to discuss. Its not necessary in the public forum since it doesn't affect the public in any way.
We know it doesn't change anythin', but it does help to know for our personal experiences & to share our thoughts on it. This is true, it's a parent/doctor discussion but who's to say that our doctors have the best intentions or are followin' their religious view incognito? I can only guess at agreein' with you on not missin' the foreskin, but I'll never really know.
Curiously enough, I'm not circumcised, and I've never had to worry about taking special care of my foreskin.
Nobody questioned whether you, or anyone else, enjoys sex without foreskin. But to what degree? What may we have lost?

And "nasty flap of skin" is subjective. In every other country in the world where circumcision isn't practiced, nobody considers it nasty, or simply a "flap of skin." It's also not hard to clean. Ask any woman how much trouble she has cleaning her genitals. She has far more "nasty flaps of skin" (a description I'd fight to the death against), yet manages to clean them. And foreskin has very few problems, requires very little maintenance, and provides many, many proven and important benefits.

But your same logic about not belonging in the public forum applies to our main purpose for being here. I could say religion should be between the parents and their priest/rabbi/etc. and doesn't affect the public. But we ARE the public. Our brothers, fathers, sons, etc. are all affected by this. It belongs in the public, or how else do we learn?
when you look at that list, it is apparent that you can't perform all the normal functions, because the normal functions (defined by all the functions it has before circumcision) have been removed. Of course its functional, but what I'm trying to point out is the functions (strictly defined by functions after circumcision) should not be considered the general audiences normalcy.
You know.. for someone who never intends to have children and who isn't male, I'm really abnormally intrigued with this topic.
I'd never been with an uncircumcised guy before my current boyfriend. That's not a huge deal, because up to this point I've only ever dated Americans, Canadians and one Scottish guy that had his circumcision done at 18 years of age.
So along comes my current guy, and the first time I was like "Woah! WTF?" I mean, it wasn't a turn off, I just wasn't sure you know.. what to do. It also surprised the hell out of me. (Foreskin sneaking up on me!)
Now, the last Scottish boy was really angry at his parents, because he compared it to cropping a dog's tail. If you do it at a newborn, you don't remember the pain. (He said the pain is less for babies. I'm not sure about that.) He said sex was so much better after and I can only go on his word. He was pretty resentful to the fact that he had to pay out of pocket to have it done, and suffer for a long time after.
In comparison to female circumcision, it is no game. Not at all. You don't hear women having it done voluntarily and saying it improves pleasure.
THAT is an act of mutilation and oppression. It is done for the purpose of controlling another human by reducing their enjoyment of sex.
Apparently there is a small advantage for uncut men when it comes to HIV exposure now, and California at least is no longer covering it with Medicade or Medical. The rates of it being done are dropping like mad.
I just don't know. I've heard both sides of who want their bits back and men who are resentful they had to suffer through it as sexually active adults.
I can't really weigh in, but I'm still oddly intrigued by it.
I have no problem per say with it. I mean I don't come from a Jewish backround and it works for me. Sure I didn't have a choice in the matter but I think it looks better. Female circumcision should be illegal. I personally don't know why my parents decided to have it done to me but its fine now. I don't know if I will wait to ask my son later in life if he wants it done. I mean once you hit a certain age you don't want anything sharp near it. I don't know what I think about it really.
It never bothered me. I don't recall any pain, thank godless. As Pathofreason said, it looks better but I guess that's cause it's the norm to me. I don't like watchin' porn with uncircumcised men in it. Just looks gross to me. I didn't really give it too much thought when my sons were born & had it done anyways. If I could turn back time I might not have had it done & let 'em decide if they wanted to or not.

& yes, female circumcision should be illegal unless consent is given later by the female in question. Maybe a law for males too.


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