Was reading an article about a high school principal who forced students to sit through several  assemblies. Teaching the future has no hope but we have god to help. A student is fighting back. will post articles at end of this. In another school a teenage girl is fighting for a comprehensive sex education in school not just absence. I almost miss were the main concern is creation versus evolution. what does it say about schools that all aspects of religion are being dragged into the class room?  What happened to school being were you learned how your body worked and life came forth. What happened to teaching about diseases not based on religious bias but actual causation and how to prevent it? Seriously.  It is a bad sign when teenagers have to think for adults who are supposed to educating them.



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No answer for you Angela, I gave up asking that question Years ago. Why do they seem to want to push their myths on kids? To add support to their own delusions, misery loves comany? I guess. Weird the need to want to take individual rights away from children. Strange how a country like the US, proud of its rugged individualism seems to want their children to fall in line and blindly acept thousands of year old myths about human life instead of accepting that the world is what it is now, easily explainable, rational. Boggles the mind.

THe school administration should be criminally prosecuted.  Any student who wanted to leave the assembly should have been allowed to do so.  It is not too far fetched to say file kidnapping charges.

It just gets me that her friend is filing on her behalf. says a lot about friendship. Teens at least give me hope that they are thinking for themselves.

I'm impressed with both teens, particularly with the peer pressure they're going to be facing.

Unfortunately Ron, there's a lot of 'in loco parentis' stuff surrounding school administration and their control of students so kidnapping charges are very unlikely to stick. (And in my opinion, they shouldn't. That's a nasty can of worms to open there.) However, there's certainly enough going on to justify a civil suit against the administration and probably enough to justify calling for the principal's termination. Assuming of course that the 'But it was for Jay-sus!' defense doesn't get given undeserved precedence.

It is no coincidence that Rankin High School, where this girl is courageously challenging the troglodytes that run the school, is located near Jackson, Mississippi, where the three civil rights workers were murdered by Bible-thumping, local authorities.  


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