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What are you talking about man, didn't you see all pictures of scientists who are supporting it? You can't prove that the earth isn't the center of the universe, and it's only a theory, and scientist say one thing for years, and then we all know that someday they're going to say "wait, that was wrong".
Well, they are right in that Galileo was wrong... about a lot of things. Kepler's laws of planetary motion and theory of a lunar induced tide are far more accurate than much of what Galileo proposed. These fundies are simply incorrect in assuming what Galileo was wrong about.
Hey. How long has it been since the two Voyagers left planet Earth for the outer planets? How long has it been since the Hubble unlocked our vision range into the beauties of the universe? How long has it been since we've discovered extrasolar planets ORBITING THEIR FUCKING SUN? Hello, people!
THE BIBLE, that's how long!

Sorry, I'll stop now.
To be frank... my reaction was just a facepalm.

*waves arms* Oh no everything we've ALREADY PROVEN is a LIE. Don't worry folks, there's no need to send any more people or satellites into space! All of our monies wasted on research were for nothing!

I want a refund.

This calls for the epic double nuclear facepalm. Unfortunately I don't even know what that looks like, but it would probably hurt.
I think this image pretty much sums it up...

Lmao! Much better response than my own.

Poor Jacky. I know his pain.
Oh Gawd.... I ran into that website a couple days ago can't remember how. As for what I think about it ... it's stupid. How's that for an intellectual thoughtful answer?:P


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