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Confused I am.

Here you go, buddy! Click here!
You're my hero for the day. lol
They don't believe science but they'll get those vaccinations, surgeries, use electricity, etc. without question!

First day here, hello all.
"Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right is one of the most unique and penetrating books you will ever read. " "Penetrating" being the key word that makes it uniquely catholic.
The people who wrote the bible are the same people who thought that the earth was flat, center of the universe and that there was nothing to the east of Europe.
They also thought cutting the foreskin off was a good idea. Fuck them. Maybe I wanted my foerskin. I'm not even Jewish, how did this happen to me?
You're family was judeo christian? lol
Haha. They were sheep.
Supposedly you can grow it back.
Oh yeah? I get a lot of emails about growing the size of my penis, but haven't heard about this particular stunt.


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