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holy crap. i don't know what else to say.
It's certainly not a joke. I have had the unpleasant privilege to come face to face with a few scientist who actually believe this dribble. Not only are they over opinionated about how wrong science is and how clouded our minds have become they get very angry when you bring up points they can not explain. People are always trying to disprove theories that work and are based in fact. They are also always trying to make up theories or give false data to further their own agendas. Everyone's a critic these days without looking at all the facts supporting or against any given theory.
To be a creationist is stupid. To be a young earth creationist is doubly stupid. To be a young earth geocentric and/or flat earth creationist is to be a level of stupid so big it requires its own zip code.
They got there PHDs in physics and astronomy where now? This crap is actually published!? How is this even possible? How does the Earth possibly have enough mass to move every single object in the universe? How does this explain the seasons? How does this explain apparent retrograde motion of the other planets? We have the technology! We can measure the precise size of the planets. We can meausure the precise size of the sun. We can measure their positions in relationship to other objects in the galaxy! Enough of this "Everything in the Bible is true and science is false" crap! Put down the book of fairy tales, back away slowly, and GROW THE FUCK UP!
brilliantly said. i think we need to go to this convention with some real scientist and question these teachings. They come to conventions and question or try to question the truths in the world, science has brought us. There is no real evidence of what they claim and they often never look at data presented by NASA and it's countless telescopes and probes sent into deep space.
Well, of course, this is nonsense! In my book, 'The Earth has a Hole in It', retail $69.00, I point out the real truth-- that the earth is hollow and inhabited by a race of super beings from the planet Fungula.

If you want the truth instead of just a lot of garbage put out by charlatans, I highly recommend that you read my book. I also offer DVDs, reasonably priced, which will astound you, but hurry! Copies are limited and selling fast. I also have a line of t-shirts; coffee mugs; and genuine plastic jewelry made on the planet Fungula by hybrid slaves.


Don't be fooled by all the phony stuff out there!
I'm not a moderator but this is what they call a blind link. Just saying, you might have to delete it.
The problem I have with the link is that I've seen at least five different websites link to it and they're all ridden with spyware, so it may be deleted on those grounds. they not realize that we've seen the galaxy first hand? We've been in space morons!
I'd go so far as to say we are in space all the time, and we'd see a lot more of it all the time if it wasn't for this pesky atmosphere.
Considering the authors, and every single reviewer with the exception of one "anonymous" phd candidate from MIT, graduated from theological universities, this comes as less than surprising. Every single person to bring a geocentric view of the universe in an intellectual discussion would be laughed out of the room, and no person would buy such a book other than a stupid fundie anyway. It just proves that we, as a nation, are in decline. Unfortunately, the good thing about self-publishing is also the bad thing... anyone can be published, even Joe Cienkowski.


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