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Poor Jacky. I know his pain.
Oh Gawd.... I ran into that website a couple days ago can't remember how. As for what I think about it ... it's stupid. How's that for an intellectual thoughtful answer?:P
I saw this the other day via a Sam Harris Twitter post and was not surprised but extremely disheartened. It reminds of the clip I saw of The View with the one woman (I don't regularly watch that show so I don't know her name) saying she believed the Earth was flat because the Bible says it is. Pretty scary.
I think that would be Hasselback or something, she's a moron.
Great comment, sound reasoning and to the point.
So Earth is once again flat in the minds of crazy "scientists". I still can't believe the media covered that guy who claimed to have found a solution to the waters being parted by Moses, but when they interviewed him, he said wind parted the Dead Sea. Moses would have had no part in it then and took credit for something he didn't do.

All in all, Creationists and Christian Scientists are both crazy hooligans.
You know, I find it really hard to believe that these people are serious - and then I remember that people spent millions of dollars to build the Creation Museum, and people believe that crap. So, as much as I hate to admit it, this is almost certainly NOT a joke.

And that makes me sad...
On Creation Museum website found a section titled: "Natural Selection is not Evolution".
And falling is not gravity!
Well, technically, falling is but a precursor to flying. All you really have to do is forget about gravity and it will forget about you.
I'm sorry, the correct procedure for flying is to hurl yourself toward the ground and miss. Sorry for the interrupting the current nonsense with unrelated nonsense. Carry on.
This earth-centred universe is stupid. And so is this sun centred universe. How could burning gas have rocks orbiting it. Duh! I propose a China Teapot-centred universe. This Teapot consists of dark matter and occupied a separate dimension. This Teapot has a strong enough gravity field to cause all other matter to it. Did I mention that this Teapot was also invisible and cannot be observed. One might even say that this Teapot was the creator of the universe...
Long live the Invisable Gravity-well Teapot!
Bullshit. There is absolutely no way that could possibly be true. I kinda want to read it just to laugh though, but I'm definitely not going to pay money for it.


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