I'm just curious, as an theist parent, do you celebrate Christmas? And, if so, what do you tell your kids about Christmas?


I've always told my kids (in short summary) the religious tradition of Christmas, but that we celebrate it because of tradition, not religion.

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If I ever have kids, I do wholly intend to celebrate Christmas with them. They will know how Christmas got its name, they will know the pagan symbolism, and if they choose to worship Christ on Christmas, then that's their business. Personally, I celebrate Christmas out of personal enjoyment.

I deeply enjoy showing X-Ians just how few fucks I give for their faith. :P

My parents and the whole entire rest of my family celebrates Christmas, so I therefore celebrate Christmas, but like you we mostly just enjoy the tradition, even my father the retired Episcopal Priest doesn't blather on about God and the so called Birth of Jesus.  We are very much a free thinking type of family.  We believe what we want.  I like Christmas and I like presents and I like cookies and I like Christmas Trees and I like singing and I like family gatherings, and I like turkey, and I like wine,  but I do not like fruit cake..he he.

Plus my mom said that if we don't believe in Santa then we don't get presents from him...This year I finally said that's okay then the present you were gonna write from Santa will just say from Mom and Dad instead so it's all good!

I told my 6 year its a time of year where you are supposed to show kindness and generosity towards others. His reply was"Well aren't you supposed to do that all the time?" I love my kid.

Then i pointed out its also a time of year that family can get together and spend time with each other and he nodded and said"Ok...but wouldn't it be better to do it in summer when they could drive better?" Again..love my kid.


First we celebrate Xmas, just as a happy moment. Nothing to do with any religious belief.

It does not matter we have a tree or not, but I may give a gift to the kids directly.....not pretend that Santa Claus exist. They know that santa does not exist and has never existed. I have one daughter 6 yrs and a son 1.5 yrs.

This is a time just to be with my kids, since I am busy anyway.

We celebrate Christmas with my family, giving each other different presents. I told my child about religious tradition of Christmas, I do not want to take the holiday fom him as his friends have. This year we decided to gift him such backpack http://www.supermehero.com/cool-backpacks-for-kids/bubblicious-hood...,  I hope he'll appreciate, by I am hot sure because it is pink. What do you think such bag will suit the boy?

Just a suggestion, you might find a very nice backpack with nothing on it except trees or something. You might find backpacks at a local camping operation, or a local used sports equipment supply. $49 seems like a alot for a kids back pack. Its not much about the 'money' for a boy child, but the 'tool kit'.

I was in scouts from about 12 to 16. I counted it as mostly a good experience, sadly very few parents went on the camp outs, so we were often times stuck with mean gung-ho types. Most of the attending parents 'thought' they were the real thing mountain-men types, sadly most of us would have starved if left to ourselves. I learned some wild crafting on my own latter.

Recently there have been books writen for young boys and camping, or exploring for young people. If you could find a local nature program, or classes he might like this also.

My parents bought me a 'good enough' microscope and telescope when I was very young, and added to this the remains of old chemistry sets and lab equipment over time. If he can find dear friends to grow up with and pursue his couriosity, he could always find wonder and mystery in his life.

Christmas can be every day of the year, why compress it into a few days or weeks each year    


Well as we all know Christmas is rooted with paganism. 

Anyway I don't have kids and I don't intend on having kids. But my view on what Christmas means now in this day and age we live in is basically, "giftmas" if you will. 

Giftmas is sort of the commercial idea of Christmas but with more meaning to it. Its about having a special day dedicated to celebrating your love for your family and loved ones and symbolising that love in the form of a gift. Thats why I call it "Giftmas".

Happy Giftmas 


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