I have to say as an atheist, I enjoy Christmas music (but only about two weeks prior to the event). I enjoy Christmas even if I do decorate my fake apple tree which is no less pagan than an evergreen. 


I don't mind anyone enjoying Christmas as it is a celebration of group mythology from the virgin birth to solstice to Santa Claus.  It is fun and a reason to enjoy visits from my very ecuminical family.  We are all something but mostly not Christian.


I do say Merry Christmas to people.  Why not?  It is a cheerful greeting.  I decorate with toys and other non-christian symbols.  It doesn't threaten my atheism tho my atheism seems to threaten Christians. 


Christians seem to think we as athiests should have cold, dark, joyless Celebrations of the season rather than enjoying the time off from work, the food, the glitter and the presents.  We somehow don't deserve joy because we don't believe. 


Well I do believe in joy, and I like parties and presents.  The thing is I can enjoy watching old movies in my pajamas while other people have to go to church.  I can take my kids sledding on Christmas eve instead of dressing them up and herding them to church. 


I find joy in the sounds and scents and carols. 


I like chocolate rabbits at Easter too. 


I also get to enjoy Halloween.  And make a family celebration any old time. 


Often people say atheist have no reason to laugh or have joy.  We are all grim intellectuals with no sense of humor and no holidays. 


I get to enjoy holidays because Ihave no guilt.  I have no stress that I may not be doing everything right.  I don't have to impress a diety I don't believe in.  I can just be in peace and happiness. 

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Should of scrolled down more LOL. I just put the same thing.
Christmas is a time for people, no matter what they believe in, to enjoy themselves, get together with their families and enjoy themselves. Things like enjoying a good meal with family aren't restricted to Christians, and if anything atheists and the non-religious have just as much, if not more so.
I so looooove Christmas.

Although, as I hibernate from December to March, I made it a habit to celebrate Christmas the first Sunday of April.
Haha, I COMPLETELY agree with this.
I stick to the roots of these holidays. The real reason of the season. I celebrate the same, because the actual activities hasn't changed. we just threw Christianity into it.

If I'm going to celebrate something that is religious, I want to at least honor the first religious beliefs that it came from.
I don't have a problem with xmas, I typically try to avoid it at work, but enjoy the gift giving and time with friends and family. Last year I about lost my mind with how over the top people were in celebrating the holiday in my work place. Our boss decided to make it a departmental competition on who had the most spirit (not holy spirit, but like school spirit). I then understood what caused violence in the workplace.

Personally I prefer to celebrate Columbus Day because I get to walk into an area, enslave the denizens, take their possesions and claim it's all Manifest Destiny. Usually the weather is more agreeable in October also.
Atheists enjoying Christmas? It's a Festivus miracle!
This is an interesting topic for discussion. The easiest way I can think of to relate this point to my closed minded christian friends is to ask them:

If a jewish person were to wish you a happy haunakah, would you be offended?

If they are so closed minded that they would take offense, there is no reasoning with them. If however, they understand the correlation, we may have just opened a potentially productive discussion.

As for celebrating xmas, that's just the beginning, as a non-believer, I am fully open to celebrate however I wish on all of the holidays -and not be threatened by any of them. Win!
Nicely said! This "grim intellectual" loves the cookies and the lights and the holiday pay! I'm a nurse so I usually work either the eve or the day. :)

I looooove christmas!

But I do try to say holidays or X-mas.


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