I have to say as an atheist, I enjoy Christmas music (but only about two weeks prior to the event). I enjoy Christmas even if I do decorate my fake apple tree which is no less pagan than an evergreen. 


I don't mind anyone enjoying Christmas as it is a celebration of group mythology from the virgin birth to solstice to Santa Claus.  It is fun and a reason to enjoy visits from my very ecuminical family.  We are all something but mostly not Christian.


I do say Merry Christmas to people.  Why not?  It is a cheerful greeting.  I decorate with toys and other non-christian symbols.  It doesn't threaten my atheism tho my atheism seems to threaten Christians. 


Christians seem to think we as athiests should have cold, dark, joyless Celebrations of the season rather than enjoying the time off from work, the food, the glitter and the presents.  We somehow don't deserve joy because we don't believe. 


Well I do believe in joy, and I like parties and presents.  The thing is I can enjoy watching old movies in my pajamas while other people have to go to church.  I can take my kids sledding on Christmas eve instead of dressing them up and herding them to church. 


I find joy in the sounds and scents and carols. 


I like chocolate rabbits at Easter too. 


I also get to enjoy Halloween.  And make a family celebration any old time. 


Often people say atheist have no reason to laugh or have joy.  We are all grim intellectuals with no sense of humor and no holidays. 


I get to enjoy holidays because Ihave no guilt.  I have no stress that I may not be doing everything right.  I don't have to impress a diety I don't believe in.  I can just be in peace and happiness. 

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What absolutely beautiful sentiments you have. I of course agree with every word you say.
I never thought as Christmas as anything but a celebration of a man named Santa Claus. We all know that it is a season for giving whether it is presents, sweets, love . During the war my mother would put her pennies in a jar so I could have my Rupert Annual, my enid blyton book and some fruit at Xmas, but never knew what xmas meant but a great time to see your children smile. How many around the World have nothing.
It is a Christain holiday but of course there are other holidays at the same time for different religions.
Christmas is a family holiday and the name Christmas has just stuck.
Just as the early Christians stole Yule it's up to us Atheists to take Christmas.
We may have to rename it though "Festivus"...;)
Well I do believe in joy, and I like parties and presents. The thing is I can enjoy watching old movies in my pajamas while other people have to go to church.
So true. In the Orthodox religion every Christmas there are daily rituals that lasts hours. Some holiday is that.

I get to enjoy holidays because Ihave no guilt. I have no stress that I may not be doing everything right. I don't have to impress a diety I don't believe in. I can just be in peace and happiness.
Atheism celebrate holidays like everyone else, minus the bad aspects of it.
Wow I couldn't agree with you more! I absolutely love Christmas. Hate the religious implications and over abundance of corporatism, but I love any excuse to get together with friends and family. I love the lights on the houses and the fact that I can put a Douglas Fir in my home it have my entire house smell like pine. It's reminds me of being a kid and what wonderful times I had while growing up.
I'm not sure what to add that hasn't already been said, but I too enjoy Christmas. It's a bright spot in the middle of winter, plus it falls right near my birthday (the 22nd) so it feels like an added bonus for celebrating and visiting with my family. I even like the baby Jesus story, even though I don't believe it to be true (for the record I don't think "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" is true either, but I still enjoy it as well). I like singing together, songs that everyone seems to know, with no worry about how good or bad it sounds ("FIVE GOO-OOLD RIIINGGS!!"). I like bright LED lights on the tree and giggle at the cat playing with the ornaments (the non-fragile ones stay down low). Just as no longer believing in Santa didn't ruin Christmas for me, neither did no longer believing in Jesus.
Our pet rabbit tries to eat the plastic tree... XD lol
I like christimas too... except for the fact that xtians become even more rabid than usual during "the most wonderful time of the year." Last year my brother told me "Don't talk about christmas... its offensive."
This year my mother suggested that I "not participate in christmas - no presents, be upstairs while we're opening presents, don't participate in christmas dinner... etc." When I asked her why... she said "I don't want to offend you." I told her it didn't offend me and I would be very sad if I couldn't participate... so she IS going to let me participate... then I asked her if the reason she thought I would be offended was because I don't go to the church's christmas eve serivice. I think she said yes. O_o Really? That's why she thought I would be offended?
That's bizarre. "I want to exclude you from everything you enjoy about this because I don't want to offend you." It almost sounds to me more like "I want to exclude you from playing my game my way so I don't have to think about whether or not you feel uncomfortable with it."
That's what I was thinking. "I don't want you to participate in Christmas because it might offend me." Sounds more like it to me.
Seems much more like she was trying to punish you for not going to church and believing in her savior. A sarcastic dig if you ask me. It's SHE who is offended!
I think you may be right.


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