Christians who try to sound intelligent, but fail miserably...

"If we were to look at a beautiful painting and exclaim over how such a masterpiece just formed on its own, we would be called fools. Yet many would say that the eye, which sees it and possesses 130 million light-sensitive rods and cones that convert light into chemical impulses that travel at a rate of a billion per second to the brain, was just an accidental formation. Ps. 14:1 "The fool has said, "There is no God."

This is a post that my uncle put on facebook.

He is a critical, judgmental, hypocrite of a christian, who loves to point out other people's faults while acting like he is perfect. He also prides himself in being intelligent and witty, and looks down on people who don't fit into his view of how a person should act according to the bible. I want to post something back, but I don't really know what to put. Any suggestions???

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Nothing that wouldn't make you sound like a dick.

There's nothing to say in response that wouldn't take several paragraphs of correction and links to external sources. Maybe just quote Ezekiel 23:20 or 2 Kings 2:23, to compare.

A book that calls people who don't believe it stupid. Wow, what a good argument that it's actually true.
Well put. I wrote my reply before I read yours, but I agree with all your points. The eye is a really bad example for Creationists to use because the answers to their rhetorical questions are pretty well known.
If you'd like to use his own bible quoting against him, quote Matthew 5:22. "But anyone who says, 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell."

Edit: And of course Nelson beat me to it. :)
If it's a facebook comment, keep it short and sweet.

Only a fool would think evolution is a purely accidental process.
-God is a shitty engineer. Thankfully we have an educated understanding of biology and technology that produced LASIK! (Oh yeah.. and explains that natural selection is anything BUT a random process. )
Thank you for all of your responses! I really appreciate it.

Yes, I know I'm going to come across as a dick to him, but I don't really care anymore. You ever know someone who just preaches and preaches and acts so arrogant because he believes he knows the truth and no one could possibly convince him otherwise because he has faith? It's just gotten on my last nerve, I guess. :)

I love everything that each of you said. And I'm going to try to incorporate all of it in my response somehow, but still try to keep it short and sweet. Hmm... Is that possible?

What is not possible, is trying to get him to see reason. Whatever I say to him regarding this, no matter how reasonable or rational it is, he is going to take offense and think I am a "fool". I understand this. So, honestly, I just want to use this wonderful information to get under his skin as much as he gets under mine. Hehe, is that bad? Hmm, the holy spirit's not making me feel guilty about it, so I guess it's okay.

But, seriously, thanks guys. I've really learned a whole lot from reading what you wrote, and I'm definitely keeping the info in my brain for future reference. You all are awesome! :)
Intelligence has it's limits, but ignorance has no bounds. There is so much science you would have to impart to your uncle before he could even begin to grasp the absurdity of his argument.
It's like a crazy scale!
Would Scientologists be to the right of the JWs?
How about that one is a living, organic, biological being and the other is made of synthetic, human-made materials?
If he alleges we have no proof god didn't make us, what proof does he offer that he did? Or that he exists? Doesn't all proof come back to a book written by many people years after events supposedly took place?

Years ago, when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, either my husband or I didn't know that Katie was on Dawson's Creek. I can't remember ever not knowing this, but my husband staunchly retains that he was a Dawson's Creek viewer and always knew that as well. Yet one of us didn't know, but neither remembers which one. Sure, that's trivial and stupid and fun to argue about. But what if we were one of the original bible authors? Whispers down the lane and foggy memories do not make for religious proof.

The burden of proof, the Latin maxim semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit, or "the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges" applies to this argument again and again. Every year we secularists find bits and pieces of proof to further push our "theory" of evolution into law. What proof do creationists provide other than cheese toast and schizophrenics, and the same old book they've been hawking since Roman times (of which countless contradictory versions exist)?
How many rods and cones are in God's eyes? How did his eyes evolve? And if he has something better, why didn't we get it?

If Christianity is so wonderful, why aren't Christians less criminal than non-Christians?

If Christianity works, why is the world in such a mess? Why are the Christian areas of the world sometimes in more of a mess than places that are not Christian? (Example: why do places with better sex education have lower teenage pregnancy?)

Let's check the definition of "accident," while we're at it. Evolution is not accidental. (Example: How long would it take for one million monkeys banging on one million typewriters to produce the works of William Shakespeare? Now, if only the parts (letters) that work were kept, how long would it take?)


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