So my sister-in-law said that she would vote purely for someone of her own religion, regardless of their moral standing or their actions.

Now does anyone else see this as a stupid and dangerous way of thinking?

I wouldn't vote for anyone that was atheist just because they were!
When I confronted her about it, and asked what was wrong with a nation of MANY beliefs, she just shook her head and ignored the question.
When I asked if she wanted an entirely Christian nation, she nodded and practically screamed yes!

Furthermore, since she found out I was agnostic, she's been blasting Christian music every time I'm around, all on purpose.

This voting issue is the last straw.

I've been trying ridiculous amounts to tolerate her beliefs, but she doesn't even offer the same to me.
I haven't said anything about her bad taste in music(Christian music is terrible and unoriginal) or her silly sermon radio...even though I'm a captive audience when I'm in her car.
I'm trying to be tolerant, but she's making it real fucking hard on me.
When I play Rock Band, she throws tantrums when Number of the Beast comes on, claiming that it talks about the devil, and that makes it pure evil.
She doesn't even listen to the damn words!!!

How does one deal with someone as closed minded as this?

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You don't, you just try to avoid them.
Tie her down and bludgeon her with her own bible until she learns to be rational! Or, if that doesn't work, you could just try calmly explaining to her that you are being tolerant of her beliefs and you don't shove yours down her throat, and that you'd like her to try and extend the same courtesy to you, one family member to another. Then just leave it at that. If she wants to be a petty, vindictive bitch then thats on her.
I think you should write down all your thoughts like you have here, put them in a letter, and give them to her AND your brother. Outline your beliefs, how you have been tolerant of their beliefs, and that they should at least offer you the same respect. Sometimes letters can go a long way. They actually helped me repair my relationship with my father (we get along great now). Just be clear, coherent, and explain that what they're doing is hurtful to you and why. If after that, they don't stop, you should seriously consider cutting them off.
And if that still doesn't I said, the bludgeoning thing. Maybe the common sense part of her brain just needs a little jostle like the modem for my wireless internet.
it's even worse then voting straight republican even if you don't know who is on the ballot.
Thanks all! Great words of advice.
You could tell her the facts behind "The Number of the Beast". It was inspired by a dream Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBain had. In the dream he stumbled upon a Satanic ritual in the woods behind his house. Nicko McBain is a Christian and has been for a long time. If you want to really piss her off play some Gary Numan's stuff off "Exile" and "Pure" like "Dominion Day", "The Angel Wars", "Prayer for the Unborn", etc.

Gary REALLY has a mad on for God and doesn't hide it at all.

Okay tell her that if an atheist ran who agreed with her on every political issue possible would she not vote for him/her and please remind her of Article 6 Paragraph 3 of the US Constitution.
You should point out that her bible talks about the devil too, so that must make it pure evil too by her logic.
Turn up the volume. They are all close minded. My family is the same way. Bigots. They hate muslims and think that they have some kind of right to be assholes because "America is a Christiann Nation". I honestly can't stand to be around some of them and at times I swear, they do amplify it just to irritate me.
Don't tolerate their intolerance. Be a dick for a day. When they complain tell them you'll stop if they will.
Every time she asks you a question, you could answer her by bleating like a sheep, "Baaa baaaaa!" It might not change her mind about anything, but it might be a stress relieving gag for you - especially when she asks why the hell you're doing that and you get to explain to her that you see her a sheep, lining up to get fleeced - and you're only trying to speak to her in a language she can understand. One thing's for sure - it won't be any less a conversation than you're used to having with her.
Though, I wouldn't vote for a candidate purely because s/he was a professed atheist, I would definitely be intrigued and research, more so than a professed Christian. And it would be difficult for me to resist voting for her/him regardless of political leanings, simply because I believe we need more atheists who are "out" in government.


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