This is fucking absurd (if you'll pardon my language). I am a huge fan of the right to free speech. However, NO WHERE are we guaranteed the right to not be offended.

Go for it. Burn the books. I think you're a close minded idiot who is afraid of change, but that's my opinion. I will be OFFENDED by your attack on people who happen to disagree with you, but I that doesn't mean I will fight your right to burn the book. You do NOT have the right to be compensated for the offense you suffered in "being exposed to" a book at a public library.

I'd have to say this sort of thing is what pisses me off the most about people who love to tout the right-to-free-speech thing. They argue their right to spew hatred against others, but then complain when someone they disagree with spews forth their own ideas.

As much as I loathe the Westover Baptist idiots, I don't sue them for offending me with their protests.

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If they want to buy their own copy (or copies) of a book and burn it, that is their right, as long as they don't create a fire hazard in the process. I'll consider them a barbaric, anti-intelligence, anti-civilized group of close-minded idiots, but I won't protest their right to do it.

If they expect to burn the library's copy of the book, I'd oppose them, tooth and nail. Likewise, their lawsuit is ridiculous. There is no 'right not to be offended'. In fact, the First Amendment, in guaranteeing the right of free speech, pretty much guarantees that you will be offended at some point in your life, probably repeatedly.
What he said. :)
What she said. ;)
"The word 'faggot' is very derogatory and slanderous to all males..."

OK, maybe these chruchies should start with a lawsuit against the Westboro Baptist Church.
When will people learn that if you don't like what a book says then don't read it, but don't try to keep other people from reading it.
The suit also claims that the book "constitutes a hate crime, and that it degrades the community".
That sentence sounds to me like it could be describing the Bible.
Yeah, burn 'em. The smoke will smell sweet to their god & it will be pleased. Forget animals. That was in a different time & cultural context. Their god tries to be hip with the latest accessories for bonfires.


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