Remember how a few weeks ago a religious survey found that atheists and agnostics scored the highest of any other demographic? Religious rubes have been chiming in ever since, trying to make sense of the fact that compared to the average atheist, Christians are considerably more ignorant when it comes to their own faith. The latest windbag to write about this is Nancy J. Thomas, who not only tries to defend the lack of studiousness on the part of her peers, but also tries to argue that our intellectual position is “untenable”. This should be good:

    The statement that Christians scored the lowest of all the groups tested probably results from Christian devotion to their own faith. Christianity is a religion devoted to the study of God’s word, and most Christians study the Bible with diligence. They don’t spend a lot of time studying other religions because they’ve already found the correct answer.

Those must be the same answers that made Medieval Europe the scientific beacon of the world, right? Let’s go down the list of correct answers present in the Bible, shall we? Scripture informs us that disease is caused by demons (Luke 7:21), The Earth rests on Pillars (1 Samuel 2: 2:8), the Sky is actually an ocean separated by a “Firmament” (Genesis 1:6-8), and the Sun itself revolves around the Earth, stopping for a whole day so Joshua can more effectively slaughter his enemies (Joshua 10:10-13). Yeah, it sure sounds like a bunch of correct answers to me…

   " I have yet to meet an atheist/agnostic who was even vaguely familiar with the contents of the Bible or who could describe the tenets of any other faith. They usually get mad at God over a tragedy in their life or someone in the church offends them, or they think God is intellectually untenable."

I heard the same thing just the other day from a nutty Christian who was convinced that I must be “mad at God” for loosing a family member or something (and of course he was convinced without evidence that it must have been the case). The fact that Nancy has never met an atheist familiar with the Bible informs me that she either knows very few atheists, or those that she knows have probably kept their opinions to themselves.

   " There are numerous examples of atheists who undertook a serious examination of the Bible in the effort to disprove it, and walked away converted to Christianity."

I think you’ll actually find that the list of religious people who have deconverted is far more impressive. If you have any examples of studious and serious atheists abandoning reason in favor of fantasy, I would love to hear about them. If conversion is your proof, than what do you make of people who were believers (or even preachers) that abandoned their faith?

    "If one is to examine the existence of God from a purely logical position, you would have to conclude that the rational choice is to believe. Since we cannot prove or disprove the existence of God with complete certainty, it is foolish to maintain that He does not exist. Atheists and agnostics stand in that untenable position. "

And why is it rational to conclude that “He” exists when you can’t prove it (by your own admission)? Does that mean I have to believe in every single idiocy you come up with simply by virtue of the fact that I can’t immediately disprove it? Sounds like you need to start reading a few books that weren’t written by a fantastically ignorant desert tribe…

* This was taken from a blog called "the good atheist".

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This quote of Ms. Thomas says it all: "Christians don't spend a lot of time studying about other religions because they've already found the right answer." What an idiot.


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