I don't know if it's true (nor do I know what the slant of Good publications is), but this looks like one of those instances of people acting human for a moment instead of fighting over religion.


Look at This Beautiful Photo of Christians Protecting Praying Musli...

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It's very refreshing.  Let's see how long this lasts ...


Anyway, Yeshua loves Muslims.. He is just waiting for them to invite him to their hearts... LOL


just kidding...not preaching..

Hope for the future?
Americans should learn from this.

Egypt: Copts and Muslims looking out for each other


February 7th, 2011

Juan Cole on the continuing cooperation between Muslims and Coptic Christians in the Egyptian revolution:

The Christian and Muslim intellectuals issued a joint statement, affirming that the revolution of Egyptian youth had instilled a new spirit in Egyptian souls, in which was apparent an excellent example of national unity… when believers guarded each others’ prayers after the police disappeared. They said that this decision to stand guard came from the youth themselves, not from any religious leadership, and that it demonstrated that places of worship did not need armed guards. “They are Egyptian places of worship, dear to the hearts of all Egyptians..” They recalled that [because of the New Year bombing] Egypt had been on the verge of sectarian war, and clergymen’s statements had brought the situation to an explosive point, when all that tension was stopped by the Youth Revolution.

Wow! Glad to know that!


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