I have been noticing that some Christians if not all sometimes act like children. When in a heated debate they will use sarcasm or they will accuse you of doing or not doing something. Here are a few examples from a debate I am currently having with once again Larry. This time it's about there being a face on the moon:

 I am not the only one seeing the face, this is told about as far back as a person can go. All the childrens books from days gone by tell of the face on the moon. Yes  there most certainly is a face on the moon. I hope every thing is going well for you. Larry

 You can look tonight and try real hard not to see it. I am not confused, I see the face everytime cause its always facing earth every full moon. But if you try real hard you can refuse to see it. Many people refuse to see anything they don't want to reject. So I'll give you a warning, Please don't look at the moon it could be not so good for you. Larry.

 p.s. please don't look when its out.

 I believe what I see with my eyes more so then off what is on the laptop. You do have a good imagination to think I am so weak minded, But hey what ever floats your boat. I do wish you knew me better. You assume I believe everything I read when that is what you are doing. Try a little research on your own .  Larry

 p.s. If you do look at the moon, make it very quick, cause you might see it, and that would destroy everything.

 Wow I'm so glad your are coming from a view of education.  I would like to see the documentation on the Hallucinating Desert Dwellers,  That sure ain't silly.   Please send me the statistics of the actual strength of the moons magnetizm.   Larry

As you can see he acts like a child when told there is no face on the moon. And here is one more only this is when I say there is no evidence that god does or doesn't exist. Of course saying that might be a no no:

Just because you refuse to look does not mean there is no proof,   You have to look.  Just be honest and say you don't want God.   Peace to you! Larry.

What do yinz think of this and what more can I say to him?

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I see a face in the moon I also see bunny rabbits and dragons in clouds. That is the point to let your imagination take off and see whatever your mind makes an association with, become a kid for a few minutes to unwind. But to force others to see what you see is demeaning to their imagination, ego, intellect and dreams. After all imagination are dreams experienced while awake.

I just don't understand this cloud thing.  I stared and stared but I cannot make out a bunny or a dragon.  Oh well, perhaps it only works for some people.

I don't know I've studied that pic for all of two seconds and don't see dick.

I see wat could b a part of a bunny rabbit and dragon hybrid


For the stars of the heavens and their constellation

will not give their light

the sun will be dark at its rising,

and the moon will not shed its light.

No help for him here.  (NRSV, Isaiah 13:10)

The King James Version does say:

... and the moon shall not cause her light to shine

but the New King James Version is gender neutral, as is the NIV

I do think it's metaphorical speech, like calling ships "she."

I even checked a Russian translation but of course their word for "moon" (луна) is feminine from the get go (they have that funky every noun has a sex thing--that English thankfully ditched centuries ago--going on in that language).

When I look at the moon "I see dead people.". LOL

Why would you even bother to talk to someone like this, much less debate him.  Life is too short, and these people are not just unpleasant, they are dangerous--to you!  I recommend avoiding this person as much as possible.

Red flags all over the place.  I am telling you, this could end badly.  In my experience such people can turn on you with a vengeance.

Right now he is already gossiping about you to his religious friends and relatives.  Usually what happens is that the gossip becomes defamatory.  These people are already convinced that we are just bad people trying to rationalize our bad desires by pretending there is no god and thus no morality. 

It is no accident that the word gossip comes from "god sibling".  Gossip is the fuel that runs religion.  If you are not careful, it will ruin you.

@Mo Trauen  Can you please define 'careful'.  What advice would you give?

The most important thing to remember is to give them as little information about yourself as possible.  They will twist such information into something horrible and unrecognizable and blow it all out of proportion--even if it is something that is just as true of religious people as anyone else.  For instance, most religious people use birth control, but an atheist who uses it is some sort of insane slut.

They don't believe for rational reasons, thus trying to argue with them is by definition a waste of time.  And, if you win, which you will sooner or later simply because they are wrong, then they become dangerous.  It is best not to argue with them.  Instead, just drop little barbs into their minds and let them stew.  Their egos are at stake; you must let them think that de-converting was their idea.


RE: "For instance, most religious people use birth control" - including young Catholic ladies, for which I have had more than one occasion to thank the Virgin Mary --


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