It's strange when you look back at the time you believed in the Biblical god and how it all seemed so real, or if not that, if there were doubts, it still might have seemed mystical, intriguing or worthy of some respect even if it wasn't for you.

Now though, some things scream out at me which make the beliefs sound absolutely ridiculous. Here's one. Add yours.

This god created billions of extravagant, beautiful galaxies, full of planets orbiting spectacularly bright, hot stars. He designed intricate, tiny living cells which perform amazing tasks. He made myriads of angels, each with a will of its own. The grandeur of the universe around us is more than we can even take in at present, more than we could ever even see. And yet this amazing being, this powerful force behind everything...

Enjoys the smell of burning animals?! What a comedown. How petty. How stupid. How insulting even to associate that kind of thinking with such a powerful almighty being if it turns out there is one.

*SNIFF* "Ahh, how pleasing to my huge, invisible supernose. I shall reward the creatures who sent the smoke up for my benefit!"


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1) Where in the Bible does it say God made the angels or that they have free will?

2) I like the smell of burning animals... hmm.. BBQ!

3) My addition is the entire paradox of a loving, omnipotent god. Is it by oversight or sadism you stuck some ignorant, curious humans in a garden with a Tree of Life/Death/Knowledge of Good and Evil.. oh..and a talking, tempting snake? You made an entire galaxy and planet..why in the same garden?? How did you not see this coming? If you did see it coming, then um.. WHY IN THE SAME GARDEN?!
Scriptural references would take time to find. I could try if it's that important, but I'd feel like a Christian preacher (ugh!). Anyway, I'm sure there's a scripture that would say God created everything, and there are angels mentioned, so obviously God would have created angels. The free will stuff would be the scriptures talking about how some angels chose not to worship God and were cast out of heaven because of it.

Something else about the non-loving part. Why would this god create a religion in the first place? For thousands of years, humans have invented religions and gods, and eventually he comes along and gives them the 'one true' one? Why not before all the made up ones? He gives no more proof for this one over all the others, and he even lets his religion get split up into even more religions, so there's absolutely no good reason to believe in one over another.

Then with all the fighting done between people of different faiths, it would have been more loving just to shut up, not write any holy books and not set up a situation in which religious violence would have been the obvious outcome. Societies without religion (and other dogmas) seem to be more peaceful. Just creating religion is wicked enough, especially if you know what troubles will come from it.
The act of prayer & wish grantin' or denyin' mainly. Pretty pathetic.

As for the burnt offerin's, I'll say that early man figured since it smelt good to 'em and since smoke rises to the sun, moon, stars, etc, that the all powerful invisible pink unicorn must have been inhalin' the smoke too. It was like defyin' gravity. Besides birds, seeds, & light debris, what goes up that doesn't appear to come down? To a primitive man, this looked like a miracle. At least when they decided to start thinkin' and came to that ridiculous conclusion.
Hey there.
I didn't want to hijack your post on angelic creation, so I started a new discussion here:

Otherwise, I agree on all points. Religion is stupid from the ground up.
It seemed a bit nitpicky at first. The Bible can pretty much back up any claim at all, that's why there's so many Christian sects. As most believe in the basic God created angels stuff, I expect there's some justification in some scriptures about that. I'll check your new discussion.
sorry.. not meant to be nit-picky. Just a hobby of mine and a chance to discuss it! :)
That he created an controls all the laws of the universe, but thinks Pi = 3.

The belief that we are all the products of two bouts of massive inbreeding.

Gods inability or unwillingness to deter evil.

The myriad of ridiculous laws.

That he so enjoys massive slaughters, yet is all loving.

The fact that the same God who created 'all the stars in the heavens' says that 'all the stars will one day fall to the Earth'. Did he forget that the stars he created are enormous fiery balls of plasma?

These are just a few silly ones off the top of my head though, and I'm sure we could all list them all day.
Despite the source, I think it's pretty good advice!
I wonder why Jews can have bathrooms in their house now, though.
To be perfectly fair, Pi does equal 3, if you round it off to the nearest whole number. :) And given the degree of accuracy displayed in the passage in question, the odds that it was being rounded off (or just considered 'close enough for government work') are pretty good.
Guess I just expect a greater attention to detail and accuracy from the divine inspired word of god. lol :) Heck, I do in general actually. :)
For me, it was the idea that a supreme being could have gotten the message written so poorly that there isn't a clear way to worship. If he REALLY wanted us to worship him, don't you think he'd have made things a little more clear? It seemed absurd to me that I just *happened* to have been born in the place/time that had the "right" answer. If I'd been born 4,000 years earlier, I'd have been a Ra-worshiper. If I'd been born in India, I'd be a Hindu. Empathy for others made me realize that it's insane to think "my" version had to be the right one.

Even when I was a kid, I asked "If Jesus died to forgive all our sins.... why does it matter if we sin more? It's all paid for, isn't it?"


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