God's Law has always required a life for a life. When His children separated themselves from the Word, they turned from righteousness which is by faith, to death which is by learning. And instead of producing the fruit of the Word and Life, Eve produced the fruit of the Tree of knowledge, and death.


This statement is above all, the most disgusting representation of Christian ideology. Knowledge is death, learning is a sin. If you aren't just nodding your head with your eyes closed, you are doing something wrong. How can a culture reject the only thing that propels it forward?


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One of the things I'm enjoying most about being an atheist now is that I can read books, listen to all kinds of opinions, and consider things without that knee-jerk reaction that was instilled in me at such an early age. I don't put my fingers in my ears and stop listening as soon as something goes against my pre-conceived notion of how things should be. I want to learn the truth regardless of whether or not it lines up with what I already believe to be true.


Anyway, you're absolutely right. It's evident in the anti-science attitude that so many religious people have today. It's really sad.


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