I'm not one to usually post, but I read this in my local newspaper today and died a little on the inside. From the history comprehension failure, to the logical fallacies, and then followed by the belief in Santa Claus but completely ruling out aliens, I have been left with the conclusion of mental illness.


    As Christians, we are often asked by atheists and scientists to prove that God exists; proof, by one definition, meaning empirical and falsifiable evidence, without which religion in general, and Christianity specifically, is nothing more than a myth. But is God a myth? And if so, how do you prove a myth?

    Unlike the myths and legends of old, Christianity really did happen. There are actual eyewitnesses, many of them choosing a martyr's death by fire or consumption rather than deny what they knew to be true. Men and women die for many things; but no one dies for a myth...except maybe Al Gore, when it comes to global warming. In fact, there is more evidence for Christianity's Christ than there is for history's Julius Caesar.

    Now, facts are stubborn things; and so is "truth." There is a difference. Facts are for the most part, cold, objective, impersonal and, unless you have the social life of an embryonic stem cell, a complete bore. Alone, they tell us every little of what we really want or need to know and, like all science, often lead to only more questions than they answer.

    Truth, on the other hand, is never boring, neither is it subjective or relative, as some would have us believe. It is personal, human, bold and exciting! Truth can be funny; and it comes in many disguises - even a myth! Just like Christmas, I suppose. Still, it is always the truth; it never changes. Myths, like great legends and good humor, always contain a certain grain of truth to them; otherwise, they would not survive, and the jokes wouldn't be funny.

    "I am the way, the truth, and the life..." Here, for the first time in recorded history, God gives "truth" a name, and a face - Jesus Christ. He comes not as a god, but as a man - a baby! Just like you and me. It happened as an exact time, in a certain place, and for a specific reason; and that's exactly how it will end. There's nothing hypothetical about it. It can't be called a myth, and you can't put it in a test tube. It's the Incarnation, the virgin birth, and it couldn't have happened any other way. Salvation comes on its own terms. And it comes with a price

    As for the empirical and falsifiable evidence scientists and atheists demand, let’s just say it might never be found, at least not on this side of the grave. It may not even exist. And even if someone does find it, along with the missing link, it will probably be like nothing they ever expected.

    But if you look up in the sky some cold winter's night around the 25th of December, you just might catch a glimpse of it. Not it's not the space shuttle, or a Russian spy satellite; nor is it an Iranian missile with a nuclear warhead or some other terrorist attack; it's certainly not Louis Farrakhan's mothership, or any other extraterrestrial spacecraft. Is it a myth? Is it science?

    No- It's Santa Clause! And if you don't believe that...well, you just ain't trying. Or maybe what you really need is a little less science, and a little more myth.

    Merry Christmas!



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"The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him, to show unto His servants things which must shortly come to pass; and He sent and signified it by His angel unto His servant John--who bore record of the Word of God, and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and of all things that he saw. Blessed is he who reads, and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein--for the time is at hand!"--Revelation 1:1-3.


The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy.


So, as I understand,  the EU will culminate in the One World Government. The Schism between the Latin Rite and the Orthodox Rite shall be healed and Russia shall be assimilated into the Beast. 


"Who is like the Beast?, Who can make war with it?"

I really took a shit this morning that made me feel like Thor for about 15 minutes. That's a goddam fact.
Me too we must be gods!!!
The one truth I get from this is literally that some people are not smart enough to bother arguing with. I am sincerely convinced that no matter what anyone says or what happens, this person will not give up on god ever, and will sadly think it's something to be proud of.

"In fact, there is more evidence for Christianity's Christ than there is for history's Julius Caesar."

You failed to include your resources friend.  There is no evidence for Christ anywhere in the world.  Surely you don't mean the Bible, because that's not evidence.  That's words on a page you were there to see get written.  God did not give truth a name, not that you can prove anyway.




Most historians believe that Jesus was born (surprisingly), was baptised and was crucified.


I think its time to move on from the 18th century.

Yes, it is a mental illness.  What paper published this cretinous crap?

I have heard of this Julius Caesar arguement being used in Alpha Courses before

they are a group of Christians who run classes and discussions for believers and non believers to pose questions about the bible

they get their answers from apologetics

they use circular reasoning for everything and are almost impossible to discuss with


I wouldnt say that those who believe this are mentally ill ... they actually trust that when they are given answers , they are given the truth

I have seen too many people fall for it but can understand why they believe as they do

I'm beginning to like you more with this post, Angie!  (Seriously.)


And WOW.  What's with the Julius Caesar arguments ... I mean Socrates is a better example - but nobody thinks Socrates rose from the dead - and quite frankly if it was proven Socrates didn't exist - the IDEAS themselves would STILL be meaningful. 


As opposed to the bible - if evidence came forth that Jesus didn't exist - the bible would disregarded by any person owning it.  Because it's full of wretched and immoral teachings.  


But I forgot .... even if Jesus's body was actually found ... God would just be 'testing our faith'.  



Jesus's existence is a historical fact. No serious person actually denies His existence.
Incorrect. It is a topic of some discussion in historical circles, although the majority opinion is that Jesus is likely a historical figure or based upon one. We do not, however, have as much evidence for the historical existence of Jesus as we do for some of the other people in the narrative, such as Pontius Pilate or Herod. Extra-biblical evidence from contemporary sources exists for them, while no such evidence exists for Jesus.

What about the histories of  Josephus and Tacitus?


And were thousand of Christian set aflame on Vatican Hill in 90 AD for a person that never existed?


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