Do you believe that manifest destiny is still alive today, at least partially? Is the melting pot similar to native American children being forced to forget their heritage and being forbidden from speaking their native language? Does religion have anything to do with the far right attacking illegal immigrants? As a half Mexican I'm confronted with this every day. Utah is one of the states that has passed harsh immigration laws which have been challenged in court by the Feds. I get harassed and I was born in Colorado and my mom has a green card. Even some police have been racist with me and my family in the past. The dominant religion, Mormonism, teaches that my tan skin is a curse from god. I'm a reader of The Southern Poverty Law Center which monitors hate groups including the Minutemen and that's chapped some people's asses locally. Another thing they don't like around these here parts is atheism and especially blasphemy, one of my favorite things. Saying dodgy things about ole spooky is unforgivable it seems. I'm also a downright smartass when it comes down to it.

Anyway, history is repeating itself. In Mexico kids and sometimes adults will wash your windows of your car at a stoplight hoping for a few pesos so they can eat. They do it without anyone asking. Things are basically the same with illegals plus there's lots of crimes committed by cartels. People say that Latinos are criminals too but you don't see them blowing federal buildings like McVeigh or abortion clinics or killing scientists. I did read once that cartels are sometimes evangelicals and send their soldiers across the border to fight the great white Satan.

This makes it rough for me especially and my family too. Btw, not all Mormons are as bad as Glenn Beck but there are some that are and are even worse. Some are really nice though. 

Utah is free enough to have atheist groups on who meet locally over coffee or food. The odd thing is I get more respect out of Latinos whether gangsta or average Jose than I do from many Caucasians around here. Even on the road though Utah drivers are typically crazy and reckless.

I think in Utah it's a reflection of manifest destiny in modern clothing. Oh and Arizona where this recently blew up, well, it's Mormon country. Anyone with an iTouch or iPad or iPhone should download from iBook the book about Mormon settlements in Arizona. There's also a book called "the Mormon menace." they might be Gutenberg titles since they're free. 

Anyone else experience or see history repeat itself by the hand of religion? Nice to meet you all btw.


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