It has occurred to me that perhaps some of you out there could help me.

I have appreciated the opportunity afforded me by this website to express my opinions so freely, being the opinionated sort that I am.  However, my enjoyment is somewhat dampened by the fact that, in this environment, I am largely “carrying coals to Newcastle” - “preaching to the choir,” as it were (if I may wallow in metaphor); and it therefore robs me of the full sense of triumph that would accrue if my missives were doing mischief within the camps of the enemy.  The trouble is, those encampments I have attempted to infiltrate are stoutly fortified to discourage such sacrilegious vandalism.  I have tried several times to locate a Christian website that supplies a forum accessible to contrarian points of view.  But, so far, the obstacles strewn in my path have proven too daunting to permit entry.  One site even explicitly warned that it would not tolerate skepticism, much less evil atheism to breach the portals of its inner sanctum.  So my question is: can any of you help me by suggesting a Christian blog that allows such freedom of dissent as is available here?

I admire Jessica C., who has courageously, boldly, even charmingly engaged us infidels with such intelligent and thoughtful candor; and I envy her the opportunity we have given her.  So far, she has, with good humor, endured the barbs some of us, myself included, have slung her way.  I would think that, if anyone knew of any Christian websites that would welcome me as much as we welcome her, it would be she.  So, Jessica, if you are reading this, any suggestions?  Anyone else?

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I'd like to know some too.

Here's a muslim forum like that if you want.

And yeah I know what you mean by preaching to the choir. I hate talking to people I agree with, it's like I'm talking with a mirror, we finish each others sentences etc. It's boring. I'd rather bounce arguments off of a wall (theist).

i agree mate, when everyone agrees with you, you may begin to think you are wrong

we need some challenge just for the fun of it 

i agree mate

You did that on purpose.

Hey Dale,

This is an awesome idea. I'll start looking and tell you what I find. I'll start with some of the more liberal Christian groups.

- kk

I tried this a while back with the same disappointing results as Dale had.  I couldn’t find a religious forum that would tolerate skepticism or dissent.  I suspect that it might have to do with the need to keep the folks brainwashed.  Skepticism and critical thinking might seem to be a slippery slope for religious folks.

I know that it's not the same thing, but I often find religious trolls on the Richard Dawkins fan page.  A large number of Muslims and the odd Christian.  Usually they don't present much of a challenge, but it can be entertaining.

god and science

You made my day Jessica. I love websites like that :)

Debating Christianity appears to welcome atheists.  Here's what their Welcome Page states:-

"The purpose of this site is to engage in civil debates on anything pertaining to Christianity and religious issues between people of different persuasions. Everyone of any belief system is welcome to participate, this includes, but is not limited to, atheists, agnostics, deists, theists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Wiccans, Taoists, and Hindus."

Go do your deeds!

Hey Strega,

I am now "Kir Komrik" on "Debating Christianity". This site has a huge following and my only disappointment so far is that there is no way to sort discussion on recency of posting, which makes it unreadable. Maybe I'll figure something out ... thanks a lot, this was a great idea.

- kk

Hi kk,

    Seems to work just like any other forum for me... don't bother using the search function, just browse from the main page.

Hey Matt,

Yea, I got it now, thanks I started a thread there and its at the top. It's really, really hot already ;-) And not a single poster there is half as sophisticated as any of the posters here.

My question was, how do I know that your god is the one, true god? None of them have answered it yet, despite the fact that they're all ganging up on me ;-)

- kk

Hey Jessica,

You mean, "the shoes"? I just figured you were blowing me off. ;-) No, I didn't figure it out. I can be pretty dense sometimes.

- kk

Hey Matt,

This was not good sportsmanship. They were too easy. Of course, this question is really hard to answer if you sincerely engage it ... which is why all deconversions kinda start there.

- kk


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