It has occurred to me that perhaps some of you out there could help me.

I have appreciated the opportunity afforded me by this website to express my opinions so freely, being the opinionated sort that I am.  However, my enjoyment is somewhat dampened by the fact that, in this environment, I am largely “carrying coals to Newcastle” - “preaching to the choir,” as it were (if I may wallow in metaphor); and it therefore robs me of the full sense of triumph that would accrue if my missives were doing mischief within the camps of the enemy.  The trouble is, those encampments I have attempted to infiltrate are stoutly fortified to discourage such sacrilegious vandalism.  I have tried several times to locate a Christian website that supplies a forum accessible to contrarian points of view.  But, so far, the obstacles strewn in my path have proven too daunting to permit entry.  One site even explicitly warned that it would not tolerate skepticism, much less evil atheism to breach the portals of its inner sanctum.  So my question is: can any of you help me by suggesting a Christian blog that allows such freedom of dissent as is available here?

I admire Jessica C., who has courageously, boldly, even charmingly engaged us infidels with such intelligent and thoughtful candor; and I envy her the opportunity we have given her.  So far, she has, with good humor, endured the barbs some of us, myself included, have slung her way.  I would think that, if anyone knew of any Christian websites that would welcome me as much as we welcome her, it would be she.  So, Jessica, if you are reading this, any suggestions?  Anyone else?

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Yes but I would like to start it in a new post if that is ok. I would have the opposite view that there is little or no compatibility between them  - or Science and Religion in general. It's almost midnight here so I will post it tomorrow. I think the mods might be able to take it !!

Here is a starter.

Should be interesting. I will try and follow it when I can.

Unfortunately Dale, even this site has its restrictions, primarily a "no proselytizing" policy, which has always bothered me, because, as the lion said in the Colosseum,  I would love to shred me some Christians. Most Christian websites I know of are extremely paranoid about allowing any differing opinions than their own, and have a delayed posting software in place - you post, then minutes or hours later, someone gets around to deciding if your post deserves addition, and if it doesn't, you simply never hear from them again.

I was once invited (by a theist who didn't know me as archaeopteryx) to comment on a site that was trying to get a million signatures to try to get religion back into schools. I went in with ideas about how Buddhism could be taught, and Islam, and Confuscianism, and thought having these taught in schools was a crackerjack idea - how was I to know they only meant the Christian religion?

Not only was my post deleted (much as mine was last night, here on TA), but my IP address was banned from the site:(( crying

So while I can't help you, I can warn you.

Blaine - it was Nate Lundgren who was the former Mormon, somehow I got it into my head it was you but we're straight now.

Beliefnet isn't solely christian... but its a good site with information on different religions and faiths.   There are also many there who are more interested in communication than in 'fighting'.. though I'm sure you can find a fight if you look for one.


I almost forgot this one..   Its a yahoo group    All they do is fight.  Don't know if anyone there is 'reachable'  but they usually let you have your say.




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