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I found this article online and thought it was interesting.

When i was a christian i was very liberal and didn't really like the hateful and judgmental tone my church was putting out. So i tried to lead the faith by example but i empathized with the atheist view (probably a sign of my later de-conversion. Ex-Atheist helps Christian Image


Read this article and share your thoughts on why you critique the faiths and how do you react to Christian's PR battle?





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I think the "former atheist" completely missed the real reasons the majority of atheists object to Christianity. Lack of evidence for god(s) and the numerous contradictions, obvious absurdities and glaring immorality of the Bible (even the New Testament) seem like much more common reasons to reject Christianity.


My guess is this non-profit is successful at "winning back" people who left the church but never really rejected the notion of God.

I agree,

I left the faith because of personal issues with the role religion played in my life as well as its logical absurdity. But i think the ex-atheist is reacting to the belief that all Christians are right wing conservative fundamentals and wants to show the liberal "Jesus loves everybody lets be giggly and nice side"

yeah you're right. the crazy ones always get more attention than the well to do, be cause it makes for good news. I would much rather see christians on the news who do good and amazing things, not becasue they are christioan  but becasue good people regardless of faoith doing good things to help other peoeple should be news regardless.


Church reformation has been going on through out history and as you know its been a long and often bloody battle. Dr. Tiller, the abortion doctor that was murdered, was an usher at his own church...go figure

The website for this group is http://www.changingthefaceofchristianity.com/, and I agree with Allen that this group is much more focused on theists who have fallen away from Christianity.


And it's probably not going to work, at least not the way "Changing the Face of Christianity" wants it to. They'll just get into big pie fights with other Christians who focus more on the numerous passages of the Bible that call people to be judgmental and prejudicial and engage in really dumb things, and it might cause people who are at a distance from Christianity to wonder more about the concept of God.

yeah i don't think its will do anything to convince athesits otherwise, (not becasue were close minded but becasue we actually read the bible and it says some pretty horrrible things)


liberal theists like to play fast and loose with biblical quotes and try to PR away the cruel stuff and only highlight the few moral things in the bible.

He seems to be focused more on people who still believe in a deity, but just despise the hypocrisy and bigotry of organized religion than actually looking to convince atheists. His nonsense about "If non-believers hated us for truly living our faith and for being the best lovers of people the world has ever known" is shows he really doesn't understand why people don't believe in his god (or possibly even that they don't believe. It would not be the first time that someone confused rejecting organized religion (but believing in a god still) with being an atheist)


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